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BizPodcaster Profile: Ronald Lewis - Interviews
Today I'm profiling Ronald Lewis, the producer of the Interviews podcast.

1.Who are you?
My name is Ronald Lewis. I am 26 years old, and currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Prior to Denver, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. My hometown is Detroit, Michigan. My background is quite diverse: I've created businesses, designed web sites and graphics, developed software, written press releases, a little of everything. To best sum up everything about myself, I like to tell people that I'm an explorer and lover of life, because it's impossible to be focused on any one thing.

2.What is your podcast about?

My podcast, in a nutshell, is all about interviewing people. The difference is that I'm not confrontational, nor do I bring any bias, agendas, and such to the table. It's about the guest, the good, bad, and ugly. It's my job to deliver what people want to hear, not my own self-interests. It's beyond rewarding to do that.

3.Where can listeners find it?
Listeners can find the podcast online at http://www.ronaldlewis.com/interviews. They can also subscribe via their favorite RSS reader, or iTunes at . Of course, they can also directly download an interview of interest for listening at a later time.

4.When do you publish it?
On average, about once per week -- that's my minimum. Recently, there were four interviews in one week (a record). Of course, it really all depends on life and what's going on at the moment.

5.Why did you start it?
Great question! Prior to "Interviews," I started an improv-like podcast of random voices and characters in late December 2005, and along with that, I also wanted to do some themed podcasts in business, technology, travel, etc. So, I created a few "channels" for the time being. Then, one day in January 2006, I decided I needed to do something with my themed podcasts, which were largely neglected.
So, right there, the idea hit me: "Interview Mark Spencer!" Mark is a rising star in the world of open source software and telecommunications. He developed Asterisk, a PBX or phone system for business, out of his own frustration with expensive phone systems. And, being an enthusiast, user, and implementer of it myself, I thought he'd be a great person to interview. So, I did, January 19, 2006, to be exact.
However, "Interviews with Ronald Lewis" wasn't born until late January. Mark's interview ended up on my "Technology & Coffee" channel. From there, I began promoting his appearance, which got picked up by TMCNet's Tom Keating, a popular technology blogger, and gave some credibility to my interview (thanks, Tom!)
After recognizing the potential of Mark's appearance, I thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I'm on to something here?" And, perhaps I was, as I've achieved securing some great appearances by Southwest Airlines, the world's only podcast interview with famed UK Internet millionaire Alex Tew (The Million Dollar Homepage), Dawn Mikkelson (she's currently directing the highly-anticipated Northwest Airlines documentary, "The Red Tail"), Motown's Kem (he's sold some 1.3 million records so far), Webaroo (they recently launched their new 'unplugged' Internet search technology for PDAs, laptops, and smart phones ... I was also first to interview them before the NY Times, WSJ, PC World, PC Magazine, Red Herring, Business 2.0, etc.) and more.
Of all the things I've done in life, I've never been so passionate or excited about anything, as I am about podcasting.

6.If you had a thought bubble over your head all the time, what would it say?
Life as we know it -- is artificial -- a figment of our imagination, thanks to the ideas planted within to seed irrelevant self-interests for power, control, and division amongst like people

Are you a business podcaster and want to be featured on Biz Podcasting? If so, drop me a line to me {at} jonwatson.ca

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