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Podcasting Observations from a Listener
Dpeach (shrug) on My Thought Spot has posted two entries (1, 2)in the last little while about what bugs him or her about the podcasts he or she listens to. Statistically, dpeach is most likely to be male, so I'll...
Don't Forget Your Domain
Podshow recently made news again. This time, though, they weren't being flamed by their customers or the Internet at large. Rather, this time they were caught being forgetful.Yup, on the 9th of October, the domain expired out from under... Continue Reading
Oct 8
5 Podcast Newbie Lessons
Ben Yoskovitz, host of the Great Big Small Business Show (great name!), shares his top 5 lessons learned after creating 7 episodes of his show.I'll leave it to Ben to explain the details, but the main points are: The technology... Continue Reading
Oct 6
Podcaster Wiki Growing Up
I recall writing about the Podcaster Wiki a while ago, but perhaps I dreamt it since I can't find the post any more. In any event, the wiki came across my reader this morning and I took a trip by... Continue Reading
Oct 2
Speed Linking: Zune, Cheap Rigs, and More
Podcasting stuff worth reading about, but not really worth talking about :) Microsoft says third parties are going to have to provide podcasting support for Vista: What the hell is wrong with these guys? Is it because Podcasting is too... Continue Reading
How Not To Pick a Podcast Consultant: Derek Gehl
I ran across this post on Mark reports on a recent podcasting seminar he went to hosted by Derek Ghel that and was "was amazed at the contents they (sic) Derek spilled out during the course."Mark recapped some of... Continue Reading

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