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Podcamp NYC Hitting Stride
More Podcamps than you can shake a stick at! After the inaugural one in Boston a while ago, there were 5 in the making and now there are no less than 8.   I'm impressed by the momentum, but I'm curious...
Oct 1
Podcast Expo Round Ups
Given that the PME has come to a close, I had hoped to find a bunch of roundups to post. I only found two, however, but hey...it's only 10am my time on Sunday. I'm sure there are more to come.Until... Continue Reading
Rob Safuto: On the Hunt for Snake Oil
And the posse is growing.I don't pretend for a second that I started the concept of "snake oil hunting", but I do think I've done something to popularize it. I've created an entire category here on Biz Podcasting dedicated to... Continue Reading
Podcamps Everywhere!
The inaugural Podcamp was held in Boston a couple of weeks ago. I think we can all it a sure fire success because no less than 5 other podcamps are now in the planning stages. There are Podcamps springing up... Continue Reading
Medium Rare Films Looking for Interviewees and Panelists
If you're thinking of attending this years Podcast and Portable Media Expo, you may want to tee up with the folks from Medium Rare Films. This year, the MR Film dudes are looking to not only do more interviews, but... Continue Reading
Jul 8
John Edwards Video
I reported earlier that Senator John Edwards was the keynote speaker at Gnomedex '06. The videos are now on You Tube and he's quite an engaging guy to listen to. If you missed it, the reason why Edwards is becoming... Continue Reading

John Edwards Video
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