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International Podcasting Expo
Anybody know what's going on with these guys? They ran the first online podcasting expo last weekend which is (obviously) over now. I was hoping to get an after-action report from them, but they have nothing that I can see on their site. The site looks exactly the same as before the expo ran.

Isn't it customary to at least change the site to indicate that the event has occurred and is over? I mean, I can still sign up for the expo that ended four days ago on the site. Seems like they just closed the doors and wandered away into the midst. Not a great feeling.

Given how the end game has been fumbled so badly, not I'm REALLY looking for feedback on how the expo went.

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Unfortunately, what you said is very true - it took some time to change the International Podcasting Expo site - my bad. It was a one woman show first time around, and clean up was slow. I submitted all of the results of the Expo to PodcastingNews.com, but they never posted it. They will be posted, however, in the upcoming issue of Podcaster Central Magazine. In the meanwhile, I'll share them with you here, and on the site:
Lastly, let me share statistics from some of the polls we have been conducting.

1) What subject do you most want to learn in regard to podcasting?
-How to market your podcast / Get listeners 32%
-Monetize your podcast 17%
-How to create a podcast 15%
-What is podcasting? 13%
-Find Royalty-Free / Podsafe Music 11%

2) What’s the most important part of a good podcast?
-All of the above
(Personality, Content, Vocal Delivery, Audio Production) 42%
-Content 33%
-Personality 12%

3) Please rate the overall online International Podcasting Expo:
-Excellent! I am looking forward to the April 20-22, 2007
International Podcasting Expo! 69%
-Pretty Good. I learned a lot and am glad I came. I will
probably attend next year's International Podcasting Expo. 22%
-Good. I learned some new things and am glad I came.
I'm not sure that I want to attend next year, though. 8%
-Poor. There was nothing helpful at this Expo. If the
Expo is like this again next year, I will not be attending. 2%

4) Would you consider being an exhibitor, sponsor or a presenter at next year’s Expo?
-Yes 76%
-No 24%

5) What aspects of the Expo would you improve?
- I would have the Expo more than once a year 27%
- I would offer more networking events 20%
- I have other ideas, and would like to send them to you 16%
- I would offer more seminars 8%

6) Would you be interested in participating in the development of next year’s International Podcasting Expo?
-Yes 71%
-No 29%

7) Would you be interested in being updated as to the development of next year’s International Podcasting Expo throughout the year?
-Yes 88%
-No 12%

There were about 125 attendees, and we averaged a rotating 40 people per seminar (of which there were about 30), not bad for an expo which was put together in 6 weeks by one person. Now, we have a team of at least 10 people working on the Women's Podcasting Expo and the Fall International Podcasting Expo, so we are expecting this to be 5 - 10 times larger.

I would love to send you a complimentary CD of the first Expo, so you can experience the sessions, albeit 2nd hand. Just contact me at customerservice AT 1stpod.com.

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