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Ricky Gervais Wins Wired Rave Award
Wired's annual salute to the revolutionaries that are changing the face of the technoscape has bestowed an award on Ricky Gervais.Gervais' podcast has been somewhat controversial as earlier this year it became one of (perhaps the only?) pay-per-listen podcast. Nobody...
Request Your Own Content
What about a podcast that was driven by listener requests? Neat idea and while I think all podcasters take requests to some extent, I wonder if an entire show could be built upon it. Scott Johnson over at Fuzzy Blog... Continue Reading
May 6
First Podcaster Record Deal
I stand corrected when I say that the only people making money from podcasting aren't podcasters. John Romano's Best of Los Angeles music podcast has been picked up by Avant Garde a Clue record company and will be producing a... Continue Reading
May 2
Look Who's Podcasting Now
I’ve lost track of what part of this series this entry is so let’s just stop the silly numbering right now. Continue Reading
BizPodcaster Profile: Ronald Lewis - Interviews
Today I'm profiling Ronald Lewis, the producer of the Interviews podcast.1.Who are you?   My name is Ronald Lewis. I am 26 years old, and currently reside in Denver, Colorado. Prior to Denver, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee. My hometown... Continue Reading
More: Looks Who's Podcasting Now.
This is a great little series that I've decided to run, if I do say so myself. I keep a little list of what I consider to be unusual sources of podcasts and when I have a handful, I put... Continue Reading

Everyone's Podcasting
Biz Podcaster Profile: Joseph Jaffe - Across the Sound Podcast
Biz Podcaster Profile: Eric Olson - Venture Week

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