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iTunes Losing as Majors Bridge Off
Frank Barnako is reporting that Major League Baseball (MLB) is leaving iTunes and that Disney may soon follow.

The Wall Street Journal reports MLB's Advanced Media chief, Bob Bowman, was unhappy with Apple's (AAPL) uncooperative attitude when it came to promotion requests and so has pulled MLB's programming.

While I didn't see this coming, now that I've been thinking about it for a while, it makes perfect sense.

There are some services that are used as launching points. Blogger is a great example. A lot of people use the Bloggers of the world as a no-fuss testing ground to get their feet wet. Libsyn is another example that a fledgling podcast might start out with just to get rolling. I know that I started blogging and podcasting with Blogger and Libsyn myself. After I realized that I wanted to keep doing both, I branched out and now run my own servers and software for both activities.

Back to iTunes. For major players that have enough traffic to their website to effectively deliver their own podcasts, iTunes might be used as a way to gauge audience reaction and growth. It appears that MLB and possibly Disney have found the outer limits of iTunes and are want to take control over their own domains and podcasts again.

The question is: will Apple care?
Katie Couric and Erectile Dysfunction
I wonder how this title is going to effect Katie's Google Juice.Mark Ramsey laments how he has left the CBSnew.com Notebook podcast because of a 30-second erectile dysfunction ad spot. So they took a 60 second segment that wasn't great... Continue Reading
Laporte: Selling Out is OK
I know that Leo is going to lose it. Out of all the excellent points he made in his keynote at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo, the headline I see the most is the one I used here. "Laporte... Continue Reading
Interviews from the Podcast and Portable Media Expo
Rob Safuto is making is rounds of the PP&E floor and sniping interviews as he goes.Check out A Billion Voices for snippets from Switchpod, Podcast Spot and more.... Continue Reading
List Week: 7 Podcast Monetization Strategies
I don't know who to rightly credit for this. These seven tips are Paul Colligan's, but I stole the list from Leesa Barnes who blogged them as Paul was speaking them.All I know is that I definitely don't deserve any... Continue Reading
Podshow: Bad Mojo
Podshow gives me the creeps. While most of the controversy that surrounds Podshow is usually really unwarranted, there certainly seems to be a lot of it. The initial bruhaha about their contract was really a non-event because the contract really... Continue Reading
The Levelator: "I'll Be Back"
I have no idea what the title of this post means. It's just that "The Levelator" brings so much Terminator goodness (or badness, I guess) to mind that I can't help myself.I have to admit that I don't understand the... Continue Reading
List Week: Jon's 3 New "Pod" Words
List Week continues. These are a little tonge-in-cheeck, but as a podcaster myself, I think there are very definite "pod" words that we're lacking. These are all off the top of my head, but there's a possibility that someone thought... Continue Reading
Stats: Watch Your Referrals
I recently asked the Know More Media giant heads to take a look at Biz Podcasting and give me a critique on it. I think that it's important to have outside eyes look at what you're doing now and again... Continue Reading
Radio Tail Ripple: Podcast Stats Without Any Pain
Lately I've been lamenting the fact that there doesn't seem to be any way to get good podcast stats without either handing over your feed and hosting to someone else or coding your own log file parser. I think it... Continue Reading
Master Maq Launches Podcast Spot
In a sadly rare turn of events, a new podcast host has hit the scene that actually gets the whole thing. After two years of development, Mack (780 area code?? Hello neighbour up north!) has launched Podcast Spot. What do... Continue Reading
.mobi Landrush Has Begun
It's not every day that a new Top Level Domain (TLD) becomes available. It costs a heckuva lot of money to sponsor a new TLD and most of us can't afford it. A bunch of companies like Google, Microsoft, Vodafone,... Continue Reading
List Week: Top 3 Podcast Search Services
Lilst Week continues. OK, so maybe "top" 3 isn't the right title for this post. Perhaps "Only 3" might be more correct. I'm only including speech-to-text search services here, you see. These services, which search inside podcasts rather than just... Continue Reading
List Week: Top 5 Reasons to Podcast
List Week continues. Who should podcast and why? I don't think anyone has to podcast. However, if you've decided that you're going to, then you've likely figured out the reasons. Here's what I consider the top 5 reasons to start... Continue Reading
List Week: Best 5 Ways to Find Interesting Podcasts
List Week continues. We're all aware of the directories and popularity contests that are thinly disguised as directories, but let's face it - those places are just full of more of the same. They've basically become the main stream media... Continue Reading
Viral Marketing Ain't Cheap
B.L. Ochman has a great entry on What's Next about the true cost of viral marketing. I've written entries before about how elusive successful viral marketing is and what happens when you try to manufacture viral marketing, but Ochman may... Continue Reading
List Week: 3 Reasons Why Web Recording Studios Will Fail
List Week continues. I've been reading a few articles on web recording studios like Odeo Studio today and I find myself scratching my head at all of them. While these web studios are nice to play with, they'll never be... Continue Reading
List Week: Best 5 Ways to Promote Your Podcast
List Week continues...Top 5 Ways to Promote Your PodcastGone are the days when you can just shove your podcast into every directory on the planet and be done with it. There are so many podcasts available now that it's hard... Continue Reading
List Week: 7 Computer Security Podcasts
List Week continues here on Know More Media.7 Computer Security Related Podcasts. I borrowed this list from the Toronto Security Klatch forums. Check back there now and again to see if there have been any additions to the list. Cryptogram... Continue Reading
Are Republished Feeds Bad?
This issue has come to light several times in the past few months. The biggest fiasco probably has to do with the PodShow crew being accused "hijacking" feeds, but there has been a non-stop dribble of accusations for a while... Continue Reading
Job Hunter Podcasts?
While I'm totally grooving with finding new uses for podcasting, every now and again I find something that I just don't get. This is one of those times. AUSTIN, Texas — The Engineering Assistance Center and the Faculty Innovation Center... Continue Reading
The PodLounge Mobile
The PodLounge has opened up a mobile site designed specifically for...well...mobile devices. There's been a lot of noise latetely about mobile podcasting sites, but I guess I really don't get it. Here in Canada, downloading podcasts into your mobile device... Continue Reading
List Week: 2 Ways to Make Your Audio File Smaller
List Week continues here at Know More Media. 2 Ways to Make Your Audio File Smaller Understand sample rate and choose an appropriate setting. Sample rate can best be described as the rate at which your audio editor "dips" into... Continue Reading
List Week: Top 10 Ways To Minimize Audio Interruptions
It's List Week here on Know More Media. We've been challenged by the powers that be to bring our readers the best tips, tricks, and information that each of author has in his or her field of expertise. I, of... Continue Reading
Rob Safuto: On the Hunt for Snake Oil
And the posse is growing.I don't pretend for a second that I started the concept of "snake oil hunting", but I do think I've done something to popularize it. I've created an entire category here on Biz Podcasting dedicated to... Continue Reading
Microsoft Enters You Tube Arena
I was listening to Mark Evan's Talking Tech podcast today. Mark was speaking with Seabord Group analyst Kevin Restivo about how copyright is going to affect video services like You Tube.Of particular interest to me was Microsoft's Soap Box video... Continue Reading
Winer Weights in "Podcast"
Not to turn this into an "Apple podcast" blog, but it's a topic worth delving into and it's Sunday so let's just go with it. Dave Winer, the podfather responsible for the techical implementation of a podcast feed, has some... Continue Reading
A Deeper Look into Apple's Cease and Desist Letters
Russell Shaw has done a little investigative reporting into the recent Apple crease-and-desist letter run and has posted his findings on ZDNet. In short, Shaw has uncovered three things that may be fuelling Apple's vigor: Apple is having trouble trademarking... Continue Reading
Podcasting Magic Middles
Fellow Know More Media blogger Easton Ellsworth has a post on Business Blogwire about constructing satisfying blog posts. While Easton is speaking about blogging, his points can be easily applied to podcasting.Here's my modification of Easton's points to make them... Continue Reading
You Tube: The $1.5 Billion Dollar Chasm
Many observers agree that while You Tube is wildly popular, it has no sustainable business model. Despite receiving $11.5 million in funding since its inception, You Tube has yet to tell anyone what their revenue model is above "pursuing advertising".The... Continue Reading
Today's Podcasting Speed Links
Interesting links from around the podosphere this weekend. Boing Boing launches Boing Boing Boing: If you like the Boing Boing blog you may like the Boing Boing podcast. Or not. Some people are nicer to look at than to hear.... Continue Reading
Legal Tip: Avoid Using "Pod"
It's been in the works for a while, but it is now official. Apple is attempting to exercise trademark protection for the word "Pod". A look at portions of the cease-and-desist letter sent to Podcast Ready looks like Apple doesn't... Continue Reading
Akismet for All
Some of you may be aware of the excellent Akismet anti-spam plugin available for Wordpress. I've had a decent amount of experience with Akismet and can highly recommend it.I use Drupal for my personal blog, however, so I haven't availed... Continue Reading
Rob Glaser: iPods Full of Illegal Music
Rob Glaser is the CEO of Real Networks. I'll be the first to admit that I don't follow US law on music copyright. The RIAA is a laughingstock up here in Canada and the rules about copying music in the... Continue Reading
The Switchpod Story
Did you know that Switchpod's executive is 17 years old? I didn't, but that totally explains the campy feel to the Switchpod emails I used to get.The Ecommerce Times is carrying a great story about how Weina Scott and Jake... Continue Reading
Podcamps Everywhere!
The inaugural Podcamp was held in Boston a couple of weeks ago. I think we can all it a sure fire success because no less than 5 other podcamps are now in the planning stages. There are Podcamps springing up... Continue Reading
Belkin Tune Talk: Portable Recording Studio
The Belkin Tune Talk is looking like one alternative to mobile recording. It works with many of the newer iPods and the newest Nano.Why do I think the Belkin Tune Talk might be better than some other microphone? The recording... Continue Reading
Using Podcasts to Become a Leader
I was speaking to a couple of friends today about a product that they're getting ready to launch. While I bill myself as a new media geek, I am most definitely not a consultant. I've done consulting work in the... Continue Reading
Ricky Gervais Taking a Break
Arguably one of the most successful comedy podcasts of all time, the Ricky Gervais Show, is being put on hold.The move is voluntary by the show's creator, Ricky himself. By way of explanation, Gervais stated: "It's getting ridiculous and someone... Continue Reading
Darn. My subject stole the entire entry. Now I have no post..Seriously, is anyone using the Feedburner Pro package on their podcast feed? I'm intensely curious about what it brings to the table for $4.99 a month. All I can...
Watch Your Stats
I use Feedburner to manage my podcast feed. I've used FB for at least a couple of years for various projects and I find the service reliable and the stats it produces for me are interesting. Not always useful, but... Continue Reading
Updating the Biz Podcasting Blogroll: An Apology to the Podcasting Community
I feel the need to apologize to the entire podcasting community. Many of you have been linking to me in your blogrolls and I have utterly failed to return the compliment. I am hoping to rectify that now.There is a... Continue Reading
PodTech Providing Corporate Channels
Hmmm...the plot is thickening over at PodTech. OK...well...maybe not. It came to my attention today that both Adobe Systems Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE) and SAP (there are far too many 'SAP's on Google finance to guess which one is which) are... Continue Reading
Gregory Galant: 5 Podcast Myths Debunked
Gregory Galant, CEO of RadioTail, has penned an article on iMedia tha attempts to address 5 podcasting myths that are of concern to marketers and potential podvertisers. Great, great reading. There's a huge incentive to fast-forward through ads: False. Listeners... Continue Reading
What Does Podcasting Cost?
We talk a lot about the potential rewards that podcasting can bring to an organization, but in general those conversations surround hard to measure things like goodwill and communication with customers. If it came down to brass tacks, is it... Continue Reading
New Media Resource Roundup
Over on Swindy someone (sigh...names, people. Names!) has posted a fledgling outline for a course on Blogging, RSS, and Podcasting. While I think that those should be three separate courses, the outline is actually an interesting look at some of... Continue Reading
Podcasting Speed Links
Curious. Interesting. Even intriguing, but perhaps not worth an entire entry: Microsoft violating WeedShare patent with Zune technology? Via Geek News Central 5 Overused Social  Marketing Techniques. Via Social Riots Tupac on The Podsafe Music Network. Via In Over Your... Continue Reading
Taking Recommendations: Podcast Blogs, Sites, Wikis, and Sites
I've been running off almost the same list of podcasting blogs for quite a while now. While I do add and remove from my master OPML list, the bulk of it has stayed the same.I'm looking to expand my horizons... Continue Reading
Finally, Something Exciting in Podagogy!
Can you believe it? Not 24 hours ago I ranted that I wasn't going to write about podagogy anymore because nothing exciting is happening in the field. Well, today is a different day and something interesting, if not exciting, is... Continue Reading
UNESCO Podcasts: We'll Pay 12 Times Blair Witch Project
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is looking to dole out some moolah for video podcasts. "The organization wishes to produce and distribute a series of video podcasts for all audiences, but especially young adults (20-35), aimed... Continue Reading
Innovative Podcast Demographic Idea
Ted Demopoulos from Blogging for Business has a neat idea to gauge podcast listenership: offer [listeners] transcipts of your podcasts for free IF they provide some basic information, for example demographic info advertisers would be interested in. It's simple and... Continue Reading
Videocasting for Corporate Bloggers. Yay or Nay?
I say Nay right now.Given the title of Andrew Bourland's post - VideoBlogging - A Great Option for Corporate Bloggers - I expected Andrew to try to convince me that video blogging was the way to go in the corporate... Continue Reading
BluBrry: 1/3 of Shows on Ad Runs
BluBrry, Todd Cochrane's podcast community (not network, thank you very much), is doing quite well. BluBrry has only been live for a couple of months and already 100 of the 300 shows in the community are either already running a... Continue Reading
Bored to Death With Podagogy
I'm tired of all the hype surrounding podagogy. One school starts offering lectures as podcasts and before you know it there's a new one every day. Some are even giving their students iPods. Then the conversation about whether podcasting lectures... Continue Reading
CNN Videocasts: Lots to Pick From
I stumbled across a series of CNN videocasts that I didn't know existed. Over at Podcasting News, there's a list of six CNN videocasts that are a little off the beaten track. The Grist Backstage Pass (this is a cool... Continue Reading
Videocasting Host Recommendations?
I know this is going to look funny after penning an entry about why I'm not into videocasting yet, but I'm looking for recommendations of videocasting hosts.Just to be clear - I'm not thinking of moving our weekly podcast into... Continue Reading
Podcasting Growing in India
I wrote about podcasts from India  back in May. At that time I was writing about 2 single podcasts out of India, but today I see that much has changed. Veerchand Bothra has an article posted on his blog at... Continue Reading
Calling Out Bourne Media Group
I was reading Scott Bourne's Podcasting Tricks today. I frequently read Scott's stuff and I think I've even linked to a few of this entries on Biz Podcasting now and again.So what's my problem? I noticed today that comments are... Continue Reading
Shel Holtz: Content is King. Kinda.
I'll admit it. I'm guilty of being the leader of the "content is king!" gang. I believe that without solid content, a podcast (or blog or videocast or anything else, for that matter) is a dead duck.I have been further... Continue Reading
Scoble: Disconnected Rambling About Videocasting
I'm trying to get a grip on Scoble's take on the buzz surrounding "to videocast or not" that's in full swing in the blogosphere and podosphere. Let me share with you how disconnected Scoble appears to be from what videocasting... Continue Reading
Podsafe Music Network: Alice Cooper, James Brown, and More!
I just received my Podsafe Music Network newsletter today. I couldn't believe the list of signed artists that now have a song or two on the PMN: Alice Cooper James Brown George Thorogood Deep Purple Granted, you're not going to... Continue Reading
Podcasting List Ideas?
We're having a little dealio here at Know More Media during the last week of September. We're having a little internal contest to see who can produce the best lists within their specific topic area. The competition starts on Monday... Continue Reading
Grande Double Foamy Stilted Podcast, Please.
I gave in and listened to the first of Starbucks' Coffee Conversations podcasts. While there was some interesting information in it, it serves better as a "how not to" make a corporate podcast than it does as a good karma... Continue Reading
OK, I'll Play: Why I Don't Videocast.
The Blip.tv'ers recently threw down the gauntlet and challenged podcasters to start videocasting. Of course this is a self-serving challenge because Blip.tv has recently signed a deal with Akimbo to bring Blip videocasts to a television near you, but anything... Continue Reading
Terrestrial Radio Isn't Going Anywhere
I love saying "terrestrial radio". It's such a great phrase to refer to something as humdrum as "radio".I can't remember what started me on this journey, but for the past couple of days I've been pondering how good old radio... Continue Reading
Podcasting Speed Links
So much pod-goodness, so little time. Here's some interesting things that are happening in the space that you might be interested in. New iPod Nano = Podcasting Made Easy? Microexplosion Who Preserves Our Online Conversations? Podonomics Free Podcast gives Useful... Continue Reading
The Viral Video Chart
Frank Barnako reports today that Scott Button of Unruly Media has put together a "Viral Video Chart". The chart tracks the most talked about and watched videos on the Internet at any given time. I took a trip by the... Continue Reading
BMI Podcast Licence Fees
I wish I could get more on this (click image for readable size), but there's something weird going on with Blogger. I caught this via a feed, but when I tried to click through to read the whole entry, I... Continue Reading
Medium Rare Films Looking for Interviewees and Panelists
If you're thinking of attending this years Podcast and Portable Media Expo, you may want to tee up with the folks from Medium Rare Films. This year, the MR Film dudes are looking to not only do more interviews, but... Continue Reading
Magnetictime MT-Podcast: Anyone?
As near as I can tell, Magnetictime's MT-Podcast application is a text-to-speech dealio. OK, got that so far. I can also stretch my brain a little bit and grudgingly accept that such a piece of software brought to bear on... Continue Reading
Libsyn Pro Live
I mentioned that Libsyn was going to offer a pro package about a month ago. Libyn Pro has now launched and is taking orders. Arguably, or perhaps factually, Libsyn is the oldest podcast host that's still around from the early... Continue Reading
Podango Speaks
Yesterday, I wrote about Pondango. More specifically, while I said I was intrigued by the concept, I was worried that there didn't appear to be any protection for podcasters to ensure that they were paid by station directors. Lee Gibbons,... Continue Reading
Tips for Marketing Podcasts
I generally don't find anything worth reading on PRWeb, but every now and again something comes up. What's the deal with that site, anyhow? Anyone use it to publish press releases? Seems like a really chaotic and loud place. But... Continue Reading
More Home Office Goodies
As I find myself becoming more involved in new media, I spend more and more time away from my j.o.b. In fact, I would conservatively estimate that I conduct more business in my home office, coffee shops, sidewalks and shopping... Continue Reading
Podango Opens Up Public Beta
I wrote about Podango a while ago, but it was in closed beta and even though I signed up for more information, it never arrived. Well, now I can get all the information I'd like because Podango is open for... Continue Reading
Job Posting: Podcast Lawyer
Leesa has nailed it. Podcasters need a lawyer.Up here in Canada we have Michael Geist who is easily the most tuned in Internet savvy lawyer in the land, but he's all alone. Canada's a big space and our podcasting community... Continue Reading
Manufacturing Viral Marketing
Figuring out how some things take off and some things don't is a mystery. The Pet Rock, Tamagochi (did I spell that right?) and those little rubber "cause" bracelets that everyone is wearing these days have all hit a level... Continue Reading
How to Promote a Video Podcast
I recently wrote about the Democracy Internet TV service/site/host/player. First, a small correction: I noted that for Linux users Democracy seemed to come with all of the codecs required to play any type of video. Turns out that it will... Continue Reading
Home Office too Quiet?
From the "weird, but possibly useful" category, I bring you The Thriving Office CD. As it sounds, the CD is full of busy office noises. What's the point? To not sound like you're sitting in an empty bedroom with a... Continue Reading
Suit Up! Almost Ready
Suit Up! is an Internet television program out of Australia that's almost ready. The show is in "fine fine editing" stage and given that the most recent blog posts deal with issues with the end credits, it sounds pretty close... Continue Reading
Foul Mouthed Podcasters
If you think I'm about to rail against swearing on podcasts, you're wrong. I definitely have some opinions on its place, though.I was listening to Adam Curry today. It was the first time in a while and I think everyone... Continue Reading
Blinks: (Almost) Subliminal Audio Advertising
We've all seen examples of subliminal visual ads. Quick blinks of brand names or ideas on a television screen between frames of what we're actually watching. I think the jury is still out whether visual subliminal ads are effective, but... Continue Reading
The Skinny on Music Beds
Edition #8 of Podcast User Magazine has a great article by Skinny White Boy on the effective sourcing, creation, and use of music beds.Beds, for the uninitiated, are clips of music suitable for background noise while a podcaster is speaking. ... Continue Reading
Uncommon Uses for Podcasts
Karl Long has an entry where he enumerates some of the more uncommon uses for podcasting. One of the points that Karl makes which I think is bang-on is how intial podcasts are looking: Sometimes in the early adoption of... Continue Reading
Democracy Player: Internet TV as it Should Be
I'm not exactly sure how I missed this, I did. The Democracy Player is a video podcatcher for everyone. Yes, even us Linux users which is why I can't believe I missed this.I've only played with Democracy for a few... Continue Reading
GlooNet: Stream Your Own Stuff
I've been thinking and writing about mobilecatching quite a bit lately. In my mind I was thinking of a model that included a client-side podcatcher that compiled to run on a portable device like, say, my Treo 650 Palm Smartphone.There's... Continue Reading
Promoting Your Podcast
I stumbled across some new ideas today for promoting a podcast in the Libsyn forums (ahh..you wondered where I got my stuff from, didn't you?). The old "join every directory you can" tip is in there - which I think... Continue Reading
Five Years
I'm not American, but that doesn't mean I was unaffected by the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. In face, those events changed my life. I was in the Canadian Navy and just about to sail on a training... Continue Reading
Podcasting, Blogging Still Fads
Dave Bill Kesel has it right, I think: "Dave would like to be a pro surfer -- but very few actually make enough money surfing to survive. Many would like to blog or podcast professionally, but very few will actually... Continue Reading
PodOrb: Podcast Reviews
When you get tired of the Technorati Podcast Review tag, take a trip by PodOrb's podcast review section. The Orbers are just getting started, but the reviews are pretty decent and much better than the simple 1-10 rating system a... Continue Reading
How Important are Directories?
We recently stopped actively maintaining our listings on any directory other than BluBrry. The primary reason for doing this was because we reached the conclusion that directories are pretty much a waste of time.There's a school of thougt that podcasters... Continue Reading
Barnes: Planning Killer Podcast
Not being at Podcamp, I have to live vicariously through the blogs and podcasts of those who are there. Beth - last name? - raves about Leesa Barnes' session on How to Plan a Killer Podcast. Some of the processes... Continue Reading
WIPO UK Anti-Podcasting Treaty
There's a buzz growing on the Internet about a new World Intellectual Property treay in the UK which will limit the rights of podcasters if passed. I have to admit that I'm not much of an activist. I'm not very... Continue Reading
Sep 9
Podcamp Starts Today
Podcamp Boston is well underway. Sooner or later there will be one of these things closer to me and I'll actually be able to attend. The Blogging Times has the longest list of attendees that I've seen anywhere. I had... Continue Reading
Learn About Social Media on Awakened Voice
Rob Safuto is giving back to the community with the Social Media Learning Center. Each lesson is encoded in QuickTime format at a resolution of 640×480. Visitors to this site may stream the lessons in a window by clicking on... Continue Reading
Bam Bam Goes on the Pod
I hate to call this guy Bam Bam, but apparently that's who he is.Mr BB is a UK FM disk jockey who has decided to kiss the transmitters goodbye and go exclusively on the pod.In an interesting subscription model, he's... Continue Reading
West Yorkshire Police Podcasts
The West Yorkshire Police department has launched a series of podcasts on various crime related topics. I'm a big fan of podcast adoption from all industries and spaces, but there's a part of me that wonders if podcasts like this... Continue Reading
Sep 8
Podcasting Jobs Podcast
I've written about podcasting jobs on a few different occasions (1, 2, 3). To date, nobody has put together a real concerted effort to provide a "podcasting classifieds" type thing. Some podcasting sites have job sections, but they're generally pretty... Continue Reading
7 Days Left for the Podcasting FAQ
I wish I had stumbled across this earlier. C'mon people - send me a memo!Scott Bourne over at Podcasting Tricks is running a contest to find the absolute best Podcasting FAQ on the planet. Here’s how this will work. You... Continue Reading
The New Influencers Book Online
Paul Gillin, a technology writer and observer, is working on a book named The New Inflluencers. It's primarily about how social media is shifting who the influencers are in society. No discipline will be more affected by social media than... Continue Reading
Jaffe vs Curry
I recently wrote about how Joseph Jaffe was refusing to air the second half of an interview with Adam Curry. I'm not going to turn Biz Podcasting to "Jaffe Watch" or anything, but I listened to some of the audio... Continue Reading
McDonald's Podcasts
I think I knew that McDonald's was podcasting, but I hadn't come across the actual site before. Well, here it is - the official McDonald's podcast site.There's a mixture of audio and video casts on the site, but don't think... Continue Reading
Sep 7
Podcast Speed Links.
I'm going to take a page from some of my blogging peers and do a little speed link entry now and again. The point of a speed link entry is to point out things that are interesting to me (and... Continue Reading
Well I Boffoed That One!
I guess I'm not as psychic as I thought. A couple of weeks ago, I loosely predicted that Stowe Boyd would be able to auction off his podoshpere.com domain for around a thousand dollars. Sadly (for both Stowe and I),... Continue Reading
Tracking Yourself on the Internet
Anyone who's been blogging or podcasting for a while likely knows how to keep track of themselves. The reasons for keeping track of what people are saying about you on the Internet are the same reasons why you don't go... Continue Reading
What's Newsworthy?
I had a good chuckle this morning when I read Podonomics. Leesa has grown tired of shameless self-promotion hiding under the thin guise of press releases.Aside from adding a new host to the show, Leesa enumerates a list of other... Continue Reading
Uncle Seth "You Don't Need an iPod" Song
I'll let this speak for itself. 100% safe for work.... Continue Reading
Sep 6
Interview Mayhem
I've talked about interviewing on Biz Podcasting before. Not just my ideas and thoughts, but other's as well. I had thought that we had it well covered, but apparently we missed one. From the no-brainer department I give you interview... Continue Reading
International Podcasting Expo 2006: Presenters Wanted
I'm going out on a limb here, but given that there are no speakers listed yet for this years International Podcasting Expo, I think there might be some openings. The online conference (no, I'm not going to go into a... Continue Reading
Armchair President Podcasting
And it has begun. As I predicted (OK, it was a no-brainer), presidential candidate podcasts are starting to pop up. Patrick "Armchair President" Fogarty has just launched a podcast on Podcast Pickle to accompany his website. I'm not sure how... Continue Reading
Sep 5
Technorati Podcast Review Tag
From the "Dang! Why didn't I think of that?" files I bring you the Technorati tag "Podcast review" tag. Like all brilliant things, the concept is simple. When smart bloggers write a review on a podcast, they tag it "podcast... Continue Reading
Challenging Media
I was reading a blog post on Seven Generational Ruminations - "In our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations" - whoa. Deep. David's post is well written and has some great... Continue Reading
IBM Corp Podcasts
Jeremiah Owyang has noted that IBM Corp (NYSE:IBM) is embracing podcasting and explains the benefits of doing so. There are a handful of posts each day from various blogs that hype the benefits of corporate podcasting, but many of them... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning: Spiff it Up!
I started my current podcast in January of this year. This is the fourth podcast I've done and the second with my co-host and wife, Kelly. The JaK Attack! is our first show since leaving The Podcast Network in December... Continue Reading
Back to School!
Today's the day! Thousands, perhaps millions, of students are going back to school today. This will be the third school year since podcasting became something if you count October 2004 as the birth and if you count that year. I'm... Continue Reading
Sep 4
Podcasting Tricks
Just a quick one...I'm not sure how I missed this site for all this time, but Podcasting Tricks has landed solidly in my Bloglines.  Scott Bourne is a new media guy who, amongst other things, has stood in for Leo... Continue Reading
The "i" in iPod
Podcast listenership is picking up on "the island". So much, in fact, that perhaps the "i" in iPod should stand for Ireland.OK, that's lame. I admit it.Irish Eyes is reporting an almost 100% rise in iPod ownership among Ireland's youth.... Continue Reading
Tips for Double-Ending with Skype and Audacity
Great little post from Andy White on "double ending". I don't really like the phrase, but sadly that's outside of my control so I have to live with it.Double ending is the process whereby two people talk to each other... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning: (re) Connect with Your Peers
I happen to live in a relatively large city that actually has a few podcasters in it. I think there's a dozen or so in Calgary and one of them started an ad-hoc group for us to hang out in.... Continue Reading
Sep 3
Where Are The UK Tech Podcasters?
If you're in the UK and interested in podcasting, then Neil Dixon probably has a space for you. Neil has recently penned and entry that enumerates the state of the nation with respect to UK podcasts and there are some... Continue Reading
Podshow Player: Ugh.
I attempted to listen to CC Chapman's Accident Hash today. If you haven't heard the show before, it's a music podcast and CC generally has some pretty good stuff on it.This is the first time I've attempted to listen to... Continue Reading
How Do You Find Good Podcasts?
An excellent question and one that podcasters should be interested in. Even if you're not a big consumer of podcasts, it's important to take some effort to understand how your listeners might go about finding youand how to take advantage... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning: What Did You Say?
When it comes to notes and podcasting, there are two types. The notes that you make before the show to keep you from running out of steam halfway through, and the notes that you should be taking as you record... Continue Reading
Rob Safuto on Corporate Channels
Rob (Awakened Voice) has put together a roundup of the top four computer companies and their use of social media to interact with their customers. The four companies are Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo and HP is the only one... Continue Reading
Sep 2
Language Podcasting
I've written at least one entry already about how I think the match between podcasting and learning a new language is one made in heaven. Languages are all about tones and inflection and it's hard to learn to speak a... Continue Reading
Talk Show: Flat Rate Payments
Corey Deitz from About.com's Radio site tells us of Talk Shoe's new podcaster payment program. I wrote about Talk Shoe some time ago, but they didn't have this program running at the time. Now, it seems, Talk Show is providing... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning: Check That Gear!
I'm a big fan of ghetto podcasting. I've spent maybe $200 in total on gear since I started weekly podcasts a year and a half ago. The less expensive gear sounds just fine, but I have been through two headsets... Continue Reading
iPods on Linux?
I have two Linux boxes at home, but no iPods. Not only do I think iPods are rather substandard in their functionality for the price (iRivers kick butt!), but since there's no iTunes for Linux there is no iPod for... Continue Reading
The Flash Player and the Chipmunk
I think this is fairly common knowledge at this point in the podcasting game, but every now and again I run across a podcaster asking why his show sounds like it was recorded by Alvin, Calvin, and Theodore when it... Continue Reading
Sep 1
Blip.tv: I'm Starting to Get It
I recently wrote and entry about my experiences with the video hosting/blogging service Blip.tv. I didn't have all that stellar of an experience, but I now understand the reasons why a little better. A couple of minutes ago my cell... Continue Reading
PodshowCreator Offering Secured Podcasts
PodShowCreator has implemented password protection into their podcast hosting service. It'll cost you $4 a month, but the service will ensure that only those listeners who know the password will be able to listen to the show or page that's... Continue Reading
Starbucks Coffee Company to Podcast
Regardless of whether you regard Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX)as an icon of everything good in the corporate world or a harbringer of the apocolaypse, we all have to agree that the coffee company is quite innovative. It comes as no... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning: Enumerate Your Listings
One tip that a lot of podcasters follow is to list their show in as many directories as possible. It seems like a good idea. They're all free, right? And any exposure is good exposure, but all of those listings... Continue Reading
Podcast Fall Cleaning
It's September 1st today. Listener stats have shown that the summer is traditionally a slower time for podcast listenership, but now that we're at the tail end of it, things should start picking up. Initially, I found it a bit... Continue Reading

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