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PodTech Providing Corporate Channels
Hmmm...the plot is thickening over at PodTech. OK...well...maybe not. It came to my attention today that both Adobe Systems Inc (NASDAQ: ADBE) and SAP (there are far too many 'SAP's on Google finance to guess which one is which) are...
Sep 9
Bam Bam Goes on the Pod
I hate to call this guy Bam Bam, but apparently that's who he is.Mr BB is a UK FM disk jockey who has decided to kiss the transmitters goodbye and go exclusively on the pod.In an interesting subscription model, he's... Continue Reading
West Yorkshire Police Podcasts
The West Yorkshire Police department has launched a series of podcasts on various crime related topics. I'm a big fan of podcast adoption from all industries and spaces, but there's a part of me that wonders if podcasts like this... Continue Reading
Sep 8
McDonald's Podcasts
I think I knew that McDonald's was podcasting, but I hadn't come across the actual site before. Well, here it is - the official McDonald's podcast site.There's a mixture of audio and video casts on the site, but don't think... Continue Reading
Sep 6
Armchair President Podcasting
And it has begun. As I predicted (OK, it was a no-brainer), presidential candidate podcasts are starting to pop up. Patrick "Armchair President" Fogarty has just launched a podcast on Podcast Pickle to accompany his website. I'm not sure how... Continue Reading
Sep 3
Rob Safuto on Corporate Channels
Rob (Awakened Voice) has put together a roundup of the top four computer companies and their use of social media to interact with their customers. The four companies are Apple, Dell, HP, and Lenovo and HP is the only one... Continue Reading

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