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More Niche Information - Genealogy Podcasts

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: the true value of citizen media is the ability to bring hitherto unprofitable niche information to market. Genealogy is a prime example of a niche market. For reasons which I don't fully understand, Genealogy is not represented well in main stream media (MSM).

Disk Eastman of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter has started podcasting interviews with experts in the field:

Genealogy programs have been available from time to time on various radio stations for years. However, most of these radio broadcasts have disappeared within a year or two. The main drawback of these programs is in timing: they are on the air at the broadcaster's convenience, not necessarily when it's convenient for you to listen. For instance, a genealogy program might be broadcast weekly on a local radio station at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings. If you have the time available, you can listen to it at 10:00 AM, but only at that time. If you happen to be working, grocery shopping, or otherwise unable to listen to the radio at 10:00 AM, you miss the broadcast.

Great job, Dick. I'm excited to see the interest in your podcast.

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