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Museumpods Growing
This is one subject that I was pretty sure I would never be visiting again. Sure there were a few museums podcasting in the spring, but I never thought it would grow.Well grow it has and there's one watchful eye...
Oct 3
List: Top 4 Linux Podcasts
While list week is over, I had so much fun making lists of all sorts that I've decided to carry on. Today, I bring you a list of the top 4 Linux podcasts. Note that I am only listing shows... Continue Reading
Ricky Gervais Taking a Break
Arguably one of the most successful comedy podcasts of all time, the Ricky Gervais Show, is being put on hold.The move is voluntary by the show's creator, Ricky himself. By way of explanation, Gervais stated: "It's getting ridiculous and someone... Continue Reading
Grande Double Foamy Stilted Podcast, Please.
I gave in and listened to the first of Starbucks' Coffee Conversations podcasts. While there was some interesting information in it, it serves better as a "how not to" make a corporate podcast than it does as a good karma... Continue Reading
Suit Up! Almost Ready
Suit Up! is an Internet television program out of Australia that's almost ready. The show is in "fine fine editing" stage and given that the most recent blog posts deal with issues with the end credits, it sounds pretty close... Continue Reading
CBC 3 Radio Now Available as Podcasts
CBC has really been impressing me these days. A little piece of good old Canada that's really embracing podcasting. They were one of the first big media guys to start offering some podcasting and now they've freed CBC Radio 3... Continue Reading

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Podcast 411
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CBC Radio Offers Podcasts
Soundseeing: Vintage Radio Reborn

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