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Pharmaceutical Companies The Next Big Podvertisers?
Podcasting News is reporting that pharmaceutical have really upped their online advertising spending over the last little while. Interestingly enough, that's largely attributable to non-regulation of the Internet.

The spending increase is spurred by federal regulatory crackdowns on pharmaceutical advertising, and the fact that 31.6 million Americans turn to the Internet first for health care information.

While there's nothing in the article specifically about podcasting, it would be silly to think the drug companies aren't eyeing us. I have to wonder how effective drug ads on podcasts would be, though. The true value in podvertising is the switch from the mass-advertising mindset to the targetted mindset. In order to be successful, the ads would have to be put in a complimentary show. I, for one, haven't seen a lot of medical podcasts yet. Perhaps that's just the excuse the drug companies need to start their own podcasts to carry their own ads?

Wait for it. It's coming...

Update: Just noticed this on Podcasting News. A sponsored medical podcast on About.com. Will wonders never cease?

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It looks like podvertising is the latest twist to the podcasting phenomenon. I find it's natural for podcasters to find ways to monetize their efforts. Some podcasters are finding sponsors to who will pay to host their feed as a traffic driver, and others are slipping commercials into the podcasts. Sort of like the ads that crop up in certain RSS feeds...

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