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Jul 2
Main Stream Media Advertising Down
I don't think this is any major reason to panic yet, but it looks like the big TV networks 'up front' advertising is down for the second year in a row. The up front market is the the advertising space that is sold before the season begins and in past years all that bargaining has been completed by Memorial day. Not so this year - not only are revenues down, but the deals aren't even all closed yet.

Now, marketers' desire to explore alternatives, particularly digital media, is leading them to divert ad dollars from television or to add money to their budgets specifically for new media.

That significant change has not escaped the attention of the broadcast networks. They are offering marketers opportunities to buy commercial time or ad space in places away from the TV set.

NBC, for instance, has booked an estimated $50 million in digital revenue separate from the broadcast airwaves, said Randy Falco, president and chief operating officer at the NBC Universal Television Group in New York.

Advertisers seem to be spending as much or more money as before, but not all of it is going into MSM pockets.

Interesting. Is this the new world or a little trend thing?

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