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ProfCast Category Converter
Note: Leesa Barnes takes over this blog while Jon enjoys his nuptials and honeymoon on the West Coast. He returns August 10th. Enjoy Leesa's take on podcasting in the meantime.

By way of Podcasting News, I found out about a cool tool developed by ProfCast (go to their page, scroll down and you'll see the tool on the bottom right). You can use ProfCast to update your RSS feed to include the new iTunes categories without having to make these changes manually.

It's pretty easy to use. I entered my URL (I think it wants my feed URL yes, it's the feed URL), plugged in my email (not sure why it wants that, but I did anyways) and clicked Submit.

Because I'm using to syndicate my podcast, there was no change needed to my feed. However, I'm wondering for those who aren't using Feedburner and if you haven't updated your podcast to the new iTunes categories, can you use this tool and report on it? Post your comments below, please.
Corporate Logos Web Two Point Oh-ized
Note: Leesa Barnes takes over this blog while Jon enjoys his nuptials and honeymoon on the West Coast. He returns August 10th. Enjoy Leesa's take on podcasting in the meantime.By way of Kate's blog, I found this.  A graphic designer... Continue Reading
John C. Havens on Podcasting Misconceptions
Note: Leesa Barnes takes over this blog while Jon enjoys his nuptials and honeymoon on the West Coast. He returns August 10th. Enjoy Leesa's take on podcasting in the meantime.I just read an enjoyable article written by About.com's Podcasting Guide,... Continue Reading
If you're in the habit of keeping up with any of my other blogs or my podcast, you're probably at least peripherrally aware that I am getting married on August 5th to the delighful Kelly Penguin Girl. After much preparation,...
Jon's Thoughts: Listener Feedback
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Listener feedback: Good or Ugly?Most... Continue Reading
Jon's Thoughts: Limited Edition Podcasts
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Shot series of podcasts can... Continue Reading
Jon's Thoughts: Stats
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Statistics Are Unimportant Many podcaster... Continue Reading
Canadian Podcasting Survey Results In
A little over a month ago I reported that the Canadian Podcast Listener Sruvey was underway. I received an email last night letting me know that the survey is complete and the numbers had been crunched. This survey consisted of... Continue Reading
Jon's Thoughts: Swapping Promos
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Cross Pollination is Good This... Continue Reading
Jon's Thoughts: Corporate Listeners
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Corporate? Listener Levels vs Cost.... Continue Reading
Jon's Thoughts: Independent Listeners
I'm currently on Vancouver Island on a little vacation and getting married. I thought that it would be fun to leave you with some thoughts I have about podcasting. This is one is a series... Independent? 500 Listeners IS Good... Continue Reading
Nielsen To Introduce Podcast Spyware.
Yes, I'm an alarmist, but I don't think the subject is that far from the truth. In the latter half of 2007, Nielsen Analytics is planning to start testing software applications that will track actual listenership of individual podcasts on... Continue Reading
Talk to Dr. Tony Marino: Only $3.95/Minute
My Snake Oil Radar was going off all over the place when I saw this come up in my aggregator. After a myriad of so-called podcast experts claiming to have mastered podcasting's, Holy Grail only to pose another online marketing... Continue Reading
DRM and Podcasting
Digital Rights Management (DRM) is the technology embedded in music files that prevents users from copying and sharing copyrighted music. It's not a very a very popular technology, not because people want to share and copy music, but because it's... Continue Reading
Podcast Awards: Meaningless
Scott Fletcher over at PodCheck Review speaks about the Podcast Awards. I have to agree that there are so many podcasts now that it's difficult for any single person to cast any votes. How many of the nominated shows do... Continue Reading
Edinburgh Fringe Podcasters Are Press
The Edinburgh Fringe is arguably the largest arts festival in the world. This annual event is held in...well...Edinburgh. Ewan Spence of The Edinburgh Fringe podcast. He notes that last year, the organizers of the event didn't see the need to... Continue Reading
Sharon Housley: Speaking of Crediblity
Just ran across this post on Feed for All by Sharon Housley. Sharon talks about online credibility and while I think she severely overestimates the confidence people have in online sources, there are some good points at the end. Full... Continue Reading
Personality and Credibility
I was listening to a local radio station the other day and I heard two ads that kind of disturbed me. The ads were voiced by members of the station's crew - a woman named Mel Risden and the traffic... Continue Reading
Zoom In Online:Podcasts Galore
Marshall Sponder, KMM's Web Metrics Guru blogger, was recently interviewed in a podcast about Web Analytics and Privacy Filters. While the interview it self is wonderful, the Zoom In Online site is a little wonky. Podshow recently took a beating... Continue Reading
Nobody Diggin' Podcasting
I was trolling around for a different angle on podcasting today. I have my 50 or so feeds that I read every day, but every now and again I like to branch out and go to different sources to see... Continue Reading
Do Listeners Fast Forward?
A common theme across the many podcast articles I read is that advertisers are concerned with listeners fast-forwarding through ads. Initally, I dismissed such concerns because of the way I listen to podcasts.I listen to podcasts as background noise either... Continue Reading
Podcasting Hits Jeopardy.
I'm not sure when this was aired, but me likey! It's also a great little blast of information on which businesses are podcasting and what they're podcasting about. <... Continue Reading
Speedo Makes Waves
Speedo is producing a series of bi-weely podcasts featuring the world's top swimmers. The biweekly show includes interviews with the world's top swimmers (Michael Phelps, Amanda Beard, Grant Hackett, Libby Lenton and Leisel Jones, among others), as well as news... Continue Reading
Blog Talk Radio: Live Podcasting
Blog Talk Radio is bringing podcasters the ability to not only take callers during a show, but to also produce a live stream for listeners.There are a few podcasters that were doing this before it was called podcasting. The most... Continue Reading
Shel Holtz Noticed Loose Podcast Use
It's always nice to have some company on a mission, and I'm starting to garner a few compatriots. Shel Holtz wrote yesterday about whether a podcast that you can't subscribe to is really a podcast. I've mentioned this many a... Continue Reading
People's Choice Podcast Uncovers a Dismal State of Affairs
I had to chuckle when I read Todd's post on Geek News Central. Todd and crew were going through the initial batch of nominations for the People's Choice Podcast Awards and discovered that many podcasters are clearly uncomfortable with RSS... Continue Reading
Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Podcasting Grant Falls Short
Here's the deal. The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society is offering a grant to Women Comics/Podcasters. Interesting, yes. Laudable, yes. Praagmatic, no. The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society (J LHLS) is pleased to offer three grants... Continue Reading
JapanesePod 101: The Perfect Paradigm
I ran across an excellent example of how podcasting can be used to the max. Rebecca Lieb at ClickZ has drawn my attention to JapanesePod101. One of the best [language podcasts] is JapanesePod101.com, a daily podcast. The sponsor is a... Continue Reading
Voice Genesis Enables Mobilecasting
Voice Genesis, a privately backed company,  has leapt into the mobilecasting ring by expanding on its existing Vemail product.To date, Vemail has allowed Verizon customers to have email send to their phone to be "read" to them and reciprocate by... Continue Reading
Corporate Podcast Advice
From Enterprise Web: The lesson for business organizations seems to be that, yes, there is a large potential audience out there wired to an easily-accessible and inexpensive mass distribution platform. But, if you want people to actually listen and watch... Continue Reading
Want to Record With Your iPod?
I'm going to put this under Tech Tips since it involves some pretty decent wizardry. I didn't know this, but apparently the iPod has the ability to record, but Apple has crippled that functionality presumably to make 'opportunities' available to... Continue Reading
How Google Video is About to Kill You Tube
Videocasters rejoice! Google Video has implemented video bookmarking. Yup, you can now create a link to a specific minute and second within a Google video, rather than just the whole video itself. This goes hand in hand with my recent... Continue Reading
Podcast Peer Awards: Nominations Open
The Podcast Peer Awards have been created from the idea that podcasters know podcasts best: Where can you find the best podcasts in the universe? Right here, at the Podcast Peer Awards. These awards are given by the people who... Continue Reading
Australian Broadcasting Corporation To Top 2 Million Podcasts
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is positioned to hit the 2 million download mark by the end of 2006 according to a recent article on the Syndey Morning Herald. (part of John Fairfax Holdings Limited ASX:FXJ)I've been involved with this crazy... Continue Reading
Could Someone Trademark "Podcast"?
Just curious if it's possible. As far as I know, nobody owns it yet and since there's a plethora of articles out on the Internet about why the "pod" part doesn't stand for iPod it seems to me that the... Continue Reading
Podcast Search
I read a pretty good article today over on Baluart. The article deals with a lot of issues and information relating to podcasting, but the part that I found most thought provoking was near the end. For those looking to... Continue Reading
Blogmatrix Hosting Plans
Blogmatrix is just one of many podcast hosting services out there. In general, there are two types of podcast hosts: those that understand podcasting and those who don't. It's easy to tell the difference - anyone who limits your disk... Continue Reading
Podcasting for '08 Election
Halfway through 2006 and the podcasting bruhaha for the US Presidential election in 2008 is already starting. There's a good aritcle over on MirrorDot that kind of sums up the history of citizen media usage in US politics. In the... Continue Reading
Time for a New Directory
Dave Winer recently proposed 'rebooting' the podcast directory world. Like many of us, he noticed that the existing directories have become ad-laden vote-getting slums where a few users rule the roost. Winer proposed a new directory free of advertising and... Continue Reading
Something Werid Cometh
My blog entries here are all out of whack. At 9am, two blog entries not scheduled until tomorrow are already published and I can get them to go away. I guess we're living in the future here - posts from... Continue Reading
Thoughts About BluBrry
I've been a member of the BluBrry podcast community for a week or so now. I've made a conscious effort to only listen to podcasts on BluBrry rather than Podcast Alley or any of the other directories. There's a pretty... Continue Reading
Tech Tips: Creating an RSS Feed for a Directory of Files
I was looking for just such a tool about 6 months ago. I managed to find the excellent podcast hosting solution Loudblog instead, so my quest terminated prematurely. However, for those of you that have a directory full of podcasts... Continue Reading
Podcasting Legal Guide Update
I've talked about the online Podcasting Legal Guide before and at the time it looked like a bandwagon effort that would likely run out of steam. Well, I was wrong. It's still here and it looks like it's being updated... Continue Reading
The 'proper' name for the project is Encyclopodia, but I like my Ipodedia better. Regardless, the encyclopodia project has made the entire Wikipedia community encyclopedia available as an iPod download. Is this really usable? I don't own an iPod, but... Continue Reading
I Think it's a Milestone
Podcasting News might not think so, but having podcasts show up in a comic looks like progress to me!           Too small? Click here to see it in proper size. Via Podcasting News... Continue Reading
The Best Interviews...
..are those that just pop up out of nowhere.I imagine that most of you pay attention to the blogosphere and have at least heard of Kyle MacDonald. If you need a prompter, how does the phrase "One Red Paperclip" grab... Continue Reading
How To Annoy Your Readers.
Yup, I said "readers". We're always talking about podcast subscribers and the feed, but let's not forget that there has yet to be a credible study that shows over 50% of any given podcast's listeners even use a podcatcher. Many... Continue Reading
I don't recommend that anyone run a serious podcast off of any free platform. It's not so much that the free platforms aren't good (although many of them really aren't good), but it's more about perception. It's kind of like...
Plucking Podcasters
Steve Rubel wrote an entry on Tuesday discussing how talent agencies are coming around to realize that there's a large pool of talent on the Internet just waiting to be plucked. Of course, the impetus for Rubel's post was the... Continue Reading
Making Kick Butt Music Podcasts
I don't mind saying "kick ass" in the body of a post, but it seems rude in the subject. I read somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 podcast-related blog entries, press releases, and hoohaas each day. A large percentage of... Continue Reading
Podcasting Language Courses?
I stumbled across the World Nomad's language podcasts today, and I'm kind of scratching my head. The premise is simple: each episode uses a standard format to teach a different language. While I agree that podcasting is a great way... Continue Reading
Today's Ridiculous Hype
Company intranets need to add blogging and podcasting or else become irrelevant, according to a new report from Avenue A | Razorfish, an interactive marketing and technology services firm. As my English friends would say, "Bullocks!" "Bollocks!".Like blogging, podcasting is... Continue Reading
Tech Tips: Server Transfers
I've been purposely steering away from the technical server-side part of podcasting because this is a business podcasting blog. It occurs to me, however, that one of the ways to curtail costs is to host your own podcast and in... Continue Reading
Airport Podcasts
The Dallas/Fort Worth airport is set to offer podcasts. Yup, apparently you can get them in iTunes now and they will be available for download right off the DFT website on Friday. Initial podcasts include instructions for entering and exiting... Continue Reading
Are Venture Capitalists Killing Podcasting?
I hve exactly zero experience wiith VCs, but I do know that there's (almost) no such thing as free money. The 'venture' part of 'venture capitalist' means that there's some effort to make make money. In general, this money is... Continue Reading
Ten Interview Techniques
I threw my top nine podcast interview techniques into the ring a few months ago. Now Donna Papacosta at Trafcom News is throwing her top ten in for consideration.Strangely, I don't find a lot of correlation between our two lists... Continue Reading
The GodCast Network.
Godcasting isn't all that new, relatively speaking, and neither is The GodCast Network.It's neat to watch an idea grown and hit critical mass and podcasting about religion certainly seems to be doing just that. The Godcast Network seems to have... Continue Reading
I'm Confused.
A while ago I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about how quickly the world was adopting podcasting. I was encouraged by the fact that so many non-technical people were podcasting and thinking how great it is that we've moved... Continue Reading
Move Digital
Many moons ago I signed up for a web service that would take a podcaster's RSS feed and provide a Bit Torrent for the audio files in it. I stopped using it rather quickly because I couldn't get it to... Continue Reading
LibriVox: Free Audio Books
LibriVox is a great project that provides free audio books from the public domain.You can participate as a listener, reader, or both. The audiobooks can be downloaded in MP3 and OGG format and then played on any old digital audio... Continue Reading
Public Service Podcasts
There is just no end to the great uses of podcasting. There are some people who have trouble coming up with a topic for  their potential podcast, but others just seem to spew great ideas out at will.The particular podcast... Continue Reading
Music Industry and Podcast Licensing
I stumbled across an entry on the Law Weblog of the Times Online today. The authors wanted to license a 2-second snippet of music for use in a podcast. The quote came out to 4,000GBP. That's almost $10,000 over here... Continue Reading
Propertycasting. Hmmm....
As you can likely surmise, propertycasting involves the distribution of podcasts dealing with Real Estate (what's Fake Estate, anyhow?). Propertycasting is a pretty cool idea. I was househunting not all that long ago and iIwill be again in the near... Continue Reading
More Interesting Stats
Reader Steve B pointed me towards a relatively recent study of Internet media by Arbitron. Here's a link to the PDF file. It's relatively long, but put together in nice little slide bits for easy consumption.The two biggest surprises for... Continue Reading
Too Many Directories
I've recently signed up with Todd Cochrane's new podcast directory, BluBrry. Against my own advice, I generally ignore new directories because there are just too darn many of them. While the podcaster in me says "sign up for every one... Continue Reading
Apple iTunes Ads?
Does anyone know if this happened or not? I don't use Windows all that often and I don't own a Mac so I'm hardly ever in iTunes. This article is from April and it's talking about Apple putting ads in... Continue Reading
ID Tags and Meta Data
Podcast listeners, podcatchers, and digital audio players all make use of meta data. Meta data is data that defines the data, if you will. Kind of how Robert's Rules of Order defines how a metting is to be held (a... Continue Reading
Risk Big and Fail Often
Sounds like bad advice, but put into the right context, it works.Mark Orion provides this advice in his article on Ezine (wow, the second Ezine artile I've quoted this week). It's very, very important to note that when Mark talks... Continue Reading
Popular Podcasting
From the "Look Who's Podcasting Now" category I bring you Popular Mechanics. The inaugural episode features an interview with Popular Mechanics senior technology editor Glenn Derene about up and coming sci-fi technology. From geo-aware gadgets to all-TV-on-demand to cars that... Continue Reading
Chinese Podcasting
China Radio Internation has started offering podcasts of their material. The address http://pod.inetradio.cn is China's first podcast website run by a professional radio station. It now provides services in four languages: Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese. Welcome to the world!... Continue Reading
Why Transcribe? Podzing Your Show!
It must be "link to Leesa" week here on Biz Podcasting, but this is kind od relevant so I want to jump in. Leesa is running a 31 day "tip of the day" type of series over on Podonomics Explored.... Continue Reading
Free To Air Satellite Getting Noticed
I recently wrote about Podsat.net which is offering podcasters the ability to get their shows on satellite radio for the low, low fee of $1 per minute. I'm going to get the relationship wrong here, but I think the actual... Continue Reading
Podcast Listing Mistakes
Funny little story... I was reading an article on Podcast Listing Mistakes over on Ezine Articles. I very rarely quote anything in Ezine Articles because to be honest, their articles generally suck. I find them hard to read because they... Continue Reading
Thinking About Stats
The recent Nielsen stat report and the resulting flashback from the podcasting community has had me thinking about stats lately. Speculations about poor research aside, how is it that Nielsen shows that 18-24 year olds are the largest podcast audience... Continue Reading
Podcasting From Space
Mission Specialist Steve Robinson is podcasting from space. OK, really, he's just talking into a mic and the guys in mission control are probably doing the rest, but that's nit-picking. You can grab the podcast itself and a transcript (yay... Continue Reading
Compose Your Own Podcast
The International Herald Tribune has recently launched a 'make your own' podcast service. Users can visit the site, select the stories that they'd like to hear, and download them onto their digital audio player. Now that's good use of the... Continue Reading
One Billion Customers Podcast
James McGregor has been doing business in China for over a decade and he recently shared some of what he has learned at ad:Tech and is now making it available as a podcast. Foreign companies rightly fear that Chinese partners,... Continue Reading
Cochrane: Here's Some Real Stats, Nielsen!
Ahhh, Todd Cochrane. Some people love him, some people hate him but one thing we all agree on is that he's impossible to ignore.I'm in the Love 'em camp but I think that's because we share a bit of lifestyle.... Continue Reading
How's the iPod Thing Working Out?
Rob Greenlee postulates that "Most people still equate podcast listening with the iPod" and that "podcasters are also getting very tired of telling people that you do not need an iPod to listen to podcasts."I was a little surprised by... Continue Reading
The Last Nielson Post. I Promise.
I swear I'll stop talking about this. This is the last post on the Nielsen survey, but there's just so much noise surrounding its lameness that my aggregator is full of it.Not only did my short entry on the survey's... Continue Reading
Trekkies Rule!
Straight up - I put that title in to make you read this entry. It worked, didn't it? Maybe it will even be worth your time :)It's interesting to watch the follow on wave from the recent Nielsen survey on... Continue Reading
Podcasting for Home Based Businesses
Jill Hart has an article on Web Helper Now about the consideration of podcasting for home-based businesses. I can honestly say that I have never thought of using podcasting in that way. When I think of home-based businesses, visions of... Continue Reading
Podcasting Lectures: Good or Bad?
Cristina Silva of the Boston Globe ponders whether the rise in podagogy is a good or bad thing. I think it's worthy of discussion as the availability of lectures as podcasts certainly can change things. ...others question whether podcasting lectures... Continue Reading
Magnatune: Free Music for Your Podcast
Every now and again I remember that I've been podcasting for so long that some of the things that I take for granted may not be common knowledge. That happened today when I ran across some information about Magnatune in... Continue Reading
Nielsen Survey Nonsense
Nielsen recently released a survey that says, in part: Nielsen//NetRatings announced today that 6.6 percent of the U.S. adult online population, or 9.2 million Web users, have recently downloaded an audio podcast. 4.0 percent, or 5.6 million Web users, have... Continue Reading
Everything's bigger in Texas and that includes the imagination of the Tyler Department of Transport. The TxDOT has started putting together podcasts that motorists can use to keep abreast of traffic projects that may delay their travel. The podcast, called... Continue Reading
Today's News Word: Prodcasting
Yes, Prodcasting.Evidently, someone (I blame Bruce because he's the number 1 Google hit for the word) has decided that a podcast dedicated to productivity should have it's own name. A prodcast.I ran across this while reading the Office 12 Watch... Continue Reading
Broadcast Your Podcast via Satellite
Many of us have heard of Sirius and XFM by now, which are satellite radio stations. Satellite radio is attractive to many people not only because listeners can get hundreds of stations rather than the 10 or so in their... Continue Reading
I'm not a Mac user so I haven't paid much attention to the trials and tribulations of the Mac podcaster. As a Linux user, however, I sympathize entirely. It seems, at first glance anyway, that recording Skype calls on a...
Podcasting Logos
Regardless of whether you're a podcaster who has a separate site for your blog and podcast, or a single site for both, it's always a good idea to draw attention to your podcast. There are many ways to do this,... Continue Reading
OK to Play: Podcast Resource Comparison
I stumbled across OK to Play today which is a website that attempts to compare podcast-ey goodness advertising services, portable players, flash players, and music providers. I don't mean any disrespect by using the word "attempts". It's just that I... Continue Reading
Making Money Podcasting?
If so, the Paul Colligan wants to talk to you. Heck, he might even put you in his book, but you'll have to prove it first. As for "prooving it"(sic) - I need the freedom to talk measurement. You don't... Continue Reading
No Boom Today?
After the much balyhooed (spelling?) breakup of Rocketboom last week, the promises of the new show and interim host coming to live on July 10th have proved to be false. There is a little note added to the Rocketboom site... Continue Reading
Business to Business Podcasting Numbers
I read a very confusing survey today over on B to B Online. The survey purports to be the first such on a B to B audience which might in fact be true. Podcasting is still so new that there... Continue Reading
Podshow Feed Saga Continues
I recently wrote about Adam Curry's Podshow service hijacking RSS feeds by stripping out the podcasters original copyright information and adding Podshow's own. While that's been fixed, the unrest about Podshow is still on the rise. Members are disgruntled that... Continue Reading
Jul 9
Podcast hosting with Zero Bandwidth
It can be done! Jason Becker from Gabcast pointed me towards the Coral Content Distribution Network. If used properly, the Coral CDN can remove almost all (if not all) bandwidth considerations for every file on the Internet - podcasts and... Continue Reading
Tippins: 7 Habits of Successful Podcasts
Robyn Tippins, one of my many b5 Media partners in crime, has a great article list of the top 7 tips that podcasters should adhere to. I'm an indie podcaster and therefore don't really buy into the whole notion of... Continue Reading
McComas: 20 Ideas for a Great Podcast
Carson McComas has posted 20 good ideas for podcasters to keep in mind. He wrote this in February, but it somehow slipped through my aggregator until now. While a lot of this is subjective in nature, there's a lot of... Continue Reading
Understanding RSS
Podcatchers use RSS feeds to pull podcasts from the show site into listener's computers or media players. While it's not especially crucial for listeners to understand how RSS works, a little knowledge can make things a little easier to understand... Continue Reading
Jul 8
AOL Podcast Search
AOL has launched a BETA (anyone surprised?) podcast search service. At first glance this is easy to dismiss as yet another bandwagon-hopping-me-too service on AOL's part, but upon closer investigation I think they may have something here. The AOL podcast... Continue Reading
Canadian Governmental Podcasting
Leesa Barnes has put together a great post on the state of podcasting within the Canadian Liberal political party. I like posts like this for two reasons: 1. Canadian content is always nice to see, and 2. I love it... Continue Reading
John Edwards Video
I reported earlier that Senator John Edwards was the keynote speaker at Gnomedex '06. The videos are now on You Tube and he's quite an engaging guy to listen to. If you missed it, the reason why Edwards is becoming... Continue Reading
How To Become Someone.
Start a video blog (or daily videocast, pick your poison) and be good at it. Get noticed by TV producers; sign deal. Easy, huh? Well, it was for Brookers. In what is likely the first videocaster/video blogger to get a... Continue Reading
Journalists Becoming Podcasters
There's a good article on Poynter Online this morning about how many journalists are expected to be able to podcast. This particluar artilce is about journalist Tom Opdyke 's experiences while creating The Atlanta Journal -Constitution's "Through Hell or High... Continue Reading
Jul 7
Why Proprietary Stuff Sucks
Apple recently changed their categories in iTunes. This means that every podcaster who is listed in iTunes has to take a look at their category selection and ensure that it will still work. Many of the new categories map to... Continue Reading
One Podcast, One Feed
I've always been an advocate of a single feed and site for each podcast. A lot of podcasters out there use an existing blog as the platform for their show and there are some problems with doing that. Readers and... Continue Reading
Amanda Beats Ken Lay
I don't find Ken Lay's death amusing, but what I do find quixotic is that the story of Amanda Congdon leaving Rocket Boom took up all the top spots on TailRank yesterday. Ken Lay's death was the next item in... Continue Reading
Ted Stevens: The Unintentional Podcaster
Senator Ted Stevens has made a total fool of himself while attempting to explain the Internet in the context of Net Neutrality. Granted, Stevens is old enough that there was no Internet in his childhood, adulthood, or golden years so... Continue Reading
Podshow In Trouble.
Podshow launched today amid a flurry of criticism. It's normal for a new service to take its fair share of heat, but the guys at Podshow have really messed up.It seems that Curry and his friends have decided that it's... Continue Reading
Jul 6
How To Avoid The Boom: Part V (Final)
This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue. I'll admit... Continue Reading
How To Avoid The Boom: Part IV
This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue. What Can... Continue Reading
How to Avoid The Boom: Part III
This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue. Don't Have... Continue Reading
How To Avoid The Boom: Part II
This entry is part of a series dealing with the business fall out of Amanda Congdon's recent departure from Rocket Boom. Please read my background post to get a feel for where I'm coming from on this issue. The Star... Continue Reading
How To Avoid The Boom: Part I
It's been all over the Internet for the past 24 hours or so. Amanda and Andrew of Rocket Boom fame, have parted ways. Amanda was the host of Rocket Boom and Andrew was the creator and producer of the show.... Continue Reading
Jul 5
How To Record With an iRiver iFP-799
I own an iRiver, but it's a T-10 and not an iFP-799. My baby comes with a built in microphone and while the resulting audio file isn't perfect by any stretch, it's good enough for quick, off-the-cuff stuff.However, if you're... Continue Reading
It's a Mic! It's a Flash Drive! It's a Thousand Dollars!
Whoa. This is an idea who's time has come.This is the HHB FlashMic. It a microphone with a GB of memory in it. It runs off AA batteries and depending on how you set it up, you can record several... Continue Reading
Intros, Outros and Bumpers
I've been writing a lot lately about how and where to get show introductions and those little sound clips that break up segments of podcasts. In general, those sound clips are one of three things: Intro: show introduction Outro: ending... Continue Reading
How to Talk to Voiceover Artists
I don't have this down to an exact science, but here's some of the terminology that I've picked up when dealing with voiceover artists. Speaking the language makes things easier. Heck, if you're both speaking different languages then the liklihood... Continue Reading
Jul 4
Professional Voiceover Roundup.
Where do radio stations get all those professional sounding people to make their ads? More importantly, where you can you find them for your podcast? I've had some great success over at Radio Daddy, but there's no shortage of places... Continue Reading
Media Swamp Network
Perhaps Media Swamp is more of a directory than a network,but in any case its content is targetted: Media Swamp is the podcasting portal where web professionals, interactive marketers and others looking for quality information and entertainment go to download... Continue Reading
Come Getcher Fresh Blubrrys Here!
Todd Cochrane has finally launched Blubrry. Despite its lack of vowels, Blubrry looks like a decent enough service. I was invited into the Blubrry beta but it was just too labour intensive for me to bother. Meetings, emails...wha? Shizzle, Todd... Continue Reading
Podcast Alley Business Podcasts
Podcast Alley is one of the more popular podcasting directories on the Internet. Keep in mind that a directory, by definition, provides no assurance of quality. Directories are free-for-alls where any podcaster can sign themselves up. Having said that, however,... Continue Reading
Podcasting Tutorial for Developers.
Podcasting tutorials are a dime a dozen on the Internet, but I ran across a genuinely unique one today. I found a podcasting tutorial geared at developers as end users. It focusses on the audio, and assumes the XML, hosting,... Continue Reading
Jul 3
Another Top 10 Tips List
Sharon Housely from Podcasting Tools has a good article on top 10 podcast tips. While there's a lot of standard fare in the list, I was happy to see the importance of evergreen material, or 'timeless' content as Sharon calls... Continue Reading
Melodeo Off and Running
Melodeo announced hthe launch of their new service at the end of the day on Friday at Gnomedex. I know because I read that about 4 hours before they said they were going to announce it. (?)Anyhow, I'm not going... Continue Reading
For some reason that escapes me, we Internet-driven humans seem to feel the need to standardize icons. On one hand, I can see the value because icons transcend language if they're done right, but on the other hand since 99%... Continue Reading
Talk Shoe Review
I recently wrote about Talk Shoe, but didn't really have the wherewithall to create an account and bug a bunch of people to help me test it out. Thankfully, YANB (Yet Another Nameless Blogger) over on Your Tech Today has... Continue Reading
RSS Day in Washington?
This has to be a joke. Doesn't it?The Governor of Washington has declared July 1st as RSS day? Please God, tell me this is a joke.I'm putting this under humour. Even if it's not a joke, it is.Linky... Continue Reading
Jul 2
One-Sided Conversations.
There's a tendency for bloggers and podcasters to stand around, stare at each other, and pontificate about the wonders of the conversation that citizen media has enabled. The conversation between business and customers is certainly a wonderful thing, but there's... Continue Reading
Free Loops!
A "loop" is a sound that is designed to be played over and over as background music or part of a sound clip. Mostly, loops consist of music that seamlessly goes together or cool little drum riifs - stuff like... Continue Reading
Mobile Podcasting Application Roundup
I was surprised to find that there are at least three different mobile casting applications made for cellular phones. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm always confused when I hear about mobilecasting apps. To me, a "mobilcasting" app... Continue Reading
More on the Podcast Expo Thing
I recently wrote an entry about how unimpressed I was with the International Women's Podcasting Expo charging their presenters for the privilege of speaking. Sadly, it looks like these guys aren't the only people in this space that are out... Continue Reading
Main Stream Media Advertising Down
I don't think this is any major reason to panic yet, but it looks like the big TV networks 'up front' advertising is down for the second year in a row. The up front market is the the advertising space... Continue Reading
Jul 1
Senator John Edwards at Gnomedex
John Edwards was (is?) the keynote speaker at Gnomedex this year. Edwards has been podcasting since the last presidential campaign and there are two very vocal camps that have thoughts about it.As might be expected, there's the camp that feels... Continue Reading
Some Thoughts About Transcribr
About 6 weeks ago I wrote about Transcribr, a podcast transcription service. I duly noted that at $1 a minute, Transcribr sure looked like another of those sideline podcasting businesses that makes money for everyone but the podcaster. I still... Continue Reading
Women's Podcasting Expo
Hot on the heels of the International Podcast Expo comes the Women's International Podcasting Expo. Same people, same place - nowhere.This is another of these virual expos that I'm not all that fond of. I don't think there's any information... Continue Reading
Live Call In Shows
I've been thinking for a while now that I'd like to do a live call in show on our podcast. This is problematic, however, because as we all know podcasting is a pre-recorded. A quick look at our Frappr Map... Continue Reading
Remote File Hosting with Libsyn
Podcast User Magazine has a good article this month on how Libsyn users can host their media files elsewhere. At first glance this seemed like something that nobody in their right mind is going to want to do. Let's face... Continue Reading

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