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Corporate Podcast Advice

From Enterprise Web:

The lesson for business organizations seems to be that, yes, there is a large potential audience out there wired to an easily-accessible and inexpensive mass distribution platform. But, if you want people to actually listen and watch your podcasts, you’ve got to provide compelling content. That’s probably not going to be your CEO.

Let's put this in another perspective. An old, but very true adage, is "the smartest person in the room is never the person at the front". That's so true that it hurts. I write articles on Linux, podcasting, and other technologies but there's no chance that I'm the most knowledgable guy on any of those topics on the planet.

The person at the front of the room needs to be smart, certainly, but also have good communication skills, some composure, and be likeable. Those are the same traits that you want in your corporate podcast host. The CEO might well incorporate all of these traits and therefore be a good candidate, but you might also find that the intermediate technologist buried in the lab might be a better choice.

Remember, podcasts are pre-recorded. If you pick a dud host you can just re-create the show with another. It's not a do or die proposition. Heck, have auditions - that would lighten up the office a bit :)

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