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Mobilecasting Thoughts: Part Five
Mobilecasted Media Can be Hard to Edit

Before purchasing a portable recorder, it;s a good idea to put some thought into what format it records into, how you're going to get it off the device, and whether your audio editor can deal with that format of file.

My iRiver T10 records into WAV format, transfers the files off via mini-USB cable, and can be edited and converted by Audacity. So I'm good, but what about you?
Mobilecasting Thoughts: Part Four
Mobilecasting Can Have Legal ProblemsBefore you just walk into a coffee shop and plug in your microphone, you may want to check that you're allowed to do so. I don't think this is a large problem in most cases, but... Continue Reading
Mobilecasting Thoughts: Part Three
Mobilecasting Gear is ExpensiveYes and no. Mobilecasting is one of those activities that can cost as much or as little as you'd like. For the very few times that I've actually recorded something on the road, I've used my iRiver... Continue Reading
Mobilecasting Thoughts: Part Two
Maintaining Sound Quality is HardDepending on the type of event and how immune you are to being embarassed, creating a mobile sound clip with decent sound quality can be difficult. Recording a concert event, for example, might be easy because... Continue Reading
Mobilecasting Thoughts: Part One
I love the idea of mobilecasting, but I never seem to get around to it. There are a number of reasons for that and I'm going to talk about that a bit.Mobilecasting Attracts AttentionIt's really hard to conduct an interview... Continue Reading
Siteground Taking a Beating.
Siteground is a webhosting service. Up until recently it had a pretty good reputation amongst podcasters, but that's changing drastically. There's more than one disgruntled podcaster talking about moving on.I've never used Siteground. In fact, the only third party hosting... Continue Reading
Switchpod Looking for Heavy Hitters.
Switchpod, a podcast hosting service, is looking for some heavier podcasters to help them test their system. Jake says that he'll give up free hosting for any podcaster with over 500 subscribers to come on over to Switchpod to help... Continue Reading
A Sure Sign We're Getting Somewhere
Podcasting News has a news/opinion piece up about the blashing that mainstream media (MSM) is dishing out on videocasting and video blogging. The article cites a couple of Washington Post and Valley Wag articles where the outlets call videocasting 'lame... Continue Reading
Barnes: Hire a Pro!
Leesa Barnes on Podonomics has a plea for the world: if you're considering corporate podcasting, then please hire a consultant. Heck, hire her!There's an anonymous (damn!) list of companies who have failed in their podcasting efforts for a variety of... Continue Reading
Say No To Podfade!
I ran across a thread on the Podcast Pickle today about purposely finishing off a show. A podcaster had come to the decision that it was time to end one of his shows and was asking what the best way... Continue Reading
Scoble: Podcasting Inefficient. Or Not.
I recently penned an entry about whether podcasting was a waste of time when compared to reading. Peter Davis feels it is because he can skim many RSS feeds in the time it takes him to listen to one podcast.... Continue Reading
So You Want to Podcast, But Have No Time, eh?
First off, I'd like to congratulate my fictional little friend for realizing that podcasting takes time. Assessing whether you actually have time to create a weekly or daily podcast is a big step. In fact, I think more people should... Continue Reading
A Listener Does Not a Subscriber Make
There's a good article in Wired Magazine today about the rise, or not, of podcasting. It's about two pages long so I won't go into great detail about it here, but I'd like to cover off a few points. First... Continue Reading
iTunes getting ZapZap'd
The newest podcasting-related service to hit the scene is the ZapZap directory and voting thingy. It's clearly designed to be podcast-only Digg clone with a very similar AJAX interface that encourages users to Zap podcasts rather than Digg them. ZapZap... Continue Reading
Japanese podcasting Survey
Nifty has just completed a 3,400-respondent survey based on its Podcasting Juice portal (good luck with that last link). I find it interesting that a lot of the numbers in Japan look a lot like the numbers here in North... Continue Reading
Nielsen Looking at Portable Media
Whenever I think of Nielsen I think of television sets with little boxes on top faithfully recording what's being watched. Looks like I'm a little behind the times, though. Nielsen Media Research has announced ambitious plans to support electronic measurement... Continue Reading
Vloggercon Video Archive
Just in case anybody missed it, the Vloggercon video archive is up. It's almost like being there. But cheaper. And you don't need to pack. Or wear clothes.Check it here.... Continue Reading
Top 10 Reasons for Broadcasters to Podcast
Guilliaume du Gardier has a pretty good post on the top 10 reasons why existing broadcasters might want to consider podcasting. Some of my favourites in the list are: A good way to give a second life to a huge... Continue Reading
Talk Shoe Live.
Talk Shoe is the newest entry into the podcasting services space. I recieved an email a couple of days ago that the site was open for business so I went and took a little looksee.First impression - it looks great.... Continue Reading
Not Everyone Gets It.
There's no shortage of listeners out there that are willing to rant and rave about the poor quality of many podcasts. I agree that there is certainly a minimum level of quality required to engage and keep listeners, but the... Continue Reading
Sometimes Detail Counts.
There's a great little article over on Podcasting News about whether or not podcasts are a waste of time. The premise is that a person can compute a ton more data in 20 minutes reading than they could listening to... Continue Reading
If You Had to Pick: Time or Content?
Let's pretend for a second that there are only two things that distinguish podcasts from radio. Let's say that the fact that the show is pre-recorded and I can therefore listen to when it's convenient for me is on thing,... Continue Reading
Look Who's Podcasting Now
Some interesting stuff I stumbled across in my travels: First Direct - a UK Bank New Jersey legal Update Those of the Jewish faith... Continue Reading
Podsploiting: Todays New and Ominous Word
It was really only a matter of time and that time has come. Some exploits have turned up for a couple of podcatchers. From Red Team: We released two new security advisories today, regarding the podcast-catching clients prodder and perlpodder.... Continue Reading
More Crash and Burns
Strangely, it seems that two companies have learned the "prepare the server" rule that I spoke about recently. I'd link to my other entry on the same subject, but it's not posted yet so there's no way to link to... Continue Reading
You Tube Podcasting
I may have been the last person to know this, but you can pull RSS feeds off of You Tube based on subject. Well, I've started pulling a "podcasting" feed off of You Tube and I've discovered TONS of good... Continue Reading
Tod Maffin: Podcasting Thoughts
For those who don't know Tod Maffin, he's pretty much Canada's podcasting Guru. He recently gave an impromptu presentation on some podcasting tips. You'll have to read the entire article on Podonomics for the whole story, but one my favourite... Continue Reading
PodcastBlaster: Where's the Value?
I was taking a look at PodcastBlaster today and I left with more questions that I started with. I'm really not sure what the model is.I can see that PodcastBlaster is selling a $40 package that contains a book, an... Continue Reading
Hitch: No Computer Needed
Podcasting News has a little ditty on the Hitch: Sima Products has introduced the Hitch (model USB-101), a device that lets you connect nearly any digital camera, DAP, PMP, or flash drive with a USB connection and copy single files... Continue Reading
Can I Use This Content?
One of the most oft-tapped areas of content are files that are in the public domain. I'm not a lawyer, so I won't attempt to define the term "public domain", but here's a link to the Wikipedia entry that does... Continue Reading
Credibilty is Hard to Fake.
I know that most of my readers are probably tired of hearing this, but I'll say it again: "Content is King". Listeners choose podcasts because of the content. Perhaps their choice reflects information that can't be found elsewhere, or perhaps... Continue Reading
Did Anyone See Podcasting Coming?
Obviously, I spend an awful lot of time reading, writing, and podcasting about podcasting. Every day I read three or four articles that contain a definition of the word podcast. Every time I see that, my insides scream "Enough! We... Continue Reading
Where is the Money?
If you're not Ricky Gervais, then you may have some trouble figuring out how to generate money from a podcast. You're not along and my podvertising category is overflowing with the ideas and models that many podcasters are trying on... Continue Reading
Prepping for the Press Release
As an "old" web guy, I've long been aware of the potential for 'death by good press'. What I am referring to is the situation where a website can unexpectedly be mentioned on a very popular site which generates more... Continue Reading
WIPO Podcasting Legislation
I need a little help here. I'm not being sarcastic, I just genuinely can't understand this article on UK broadcasting rights on Out-Law.It seems something to the effect that the UK is going to broaden their broadcasting laws and in... Continue Reading
The Long Tail and Podio Books
I've talked about the Long Tail concept in terms of podcasting before. I won't go into it again because it's a topic all unto itself, but my background on it is here. There's a growing market of authors who are... Continue Reading
Podcasting of Events - Don't Forget to Edit.
Mayor Menino of the city of Boston is now podcasting. I think that fills the gamut - we have presidents, senators, and now mayors. Is there anyone else in America that isn't podcasting? If so, damnit - you're LATE! This... Continue Reading
The Real Podcast Wave is Yet to Come
So claims Bill Flitter, Prez of Pheedo. A lot of people in the industry feel that RSS is really going to crest the hill of main stream acceptance when Internet Explorer 7 proper comes out as it has deep support... Continue Reading
Maybe There is Money in Podcasting
Ricky Gervais sure thinks so and it looks like he's right. When Gervais started charging for his podcast last season, there was a lot of interest surrounding whether that model would work or not. Many people (myself included) couldn't see... Continue Reading
Pluggd is (Almost) Live!
I have blogged about Pluggd  before, but I didn't go into any great detail. Part of the reason for that is because I was happy to be invited into the private beta pool and realizing that it's in private beta... Continue Reading
Blogher Podcasting
The Blogher '06 conference is underway and day one was all about podcasting. There's a great entry on Blogher detailing the responses Elisa Camahort got when she asked many podcasters about equipment. I like the responses because they're almost all... Continue Reading
My First Look at PodTech
Podtech has been in the news a lot lately because of the news that Scoble is leaving (has left?) Microsoft to join it. Amongst all the hububu and pontificating, though, I somehow forgot to actually go to PodTech and take... Continue Reading
CNN Jumps on the Wagon
CNN has recently put a half dozen or so shows on the feed. Viewers can now stream or podcatch: The Grist Backstage Pass Ask Glenn In Case You Missed It Now in the News SHOWandTELL Ok, I've never heard of... Continue Reading
31 Days to a Better Podcast
I don't know how she's going to do it, but Leesa Barnes over on Podonomics is going to post an entry a day on building a better podcast. She got the idea from my b5-partner-in-crime Darren Rowse's series on 31... Continue Reading
Kent Sayre: Snake Oil!
This piece of garbage cropped up in my Feedlounge this morning: My name is Kent Sayre and I've invented a method for you, the ordinary person, to potentially make big money through podcasting. Best of all, I've put together all... Continue Reading
Television Hops on Podwagon
Can I win my own contest? "Podwagon" has to be good for at least an honourable mention, no? On that note, there are only a couple of days left in my Pod Words contest - get your entries in now!It's... Continue Reading
The Big List of Directories
Just a quick entry. I stumbled across Podcast 411's podcast submission directory today. There's a whopping 122 directories on it as of today. Jeepers - that's a great place to start if you're wondering where to submit your new podcast.Podcast... Continue Reading
Can I Put More Than One Podcast in a Post?
I would have thought so. I wanted to do just this a few months ago because we release an MP3 and an OGG Vorbis file for each show. Turns out that the RSS spec only allows for a single enclosure... Continue Reading
Pod Tech too "Corporate"
Somebody-or-other over a Podcast NYC (yet another blogger who can't be bothered to put his or her real name down) is taking some shots at Pod Tech in the wake of the news that Scoble is moving over. My first... Continue Reading
Cochrane: Disclose or Die!
I've always wanted to write a headline like that. It doesn't bother me a whit that that's not really what Todd Cochrane said, because I'm pretty sure that's what he meant.Todd discovered a blogging friend of his was being paid... Continue Reading
Solid Space offers SolidCast
Yet another web host has jumped on the podcast bandwagon. Solid Space is now offering podcast hosting under the name SolidCast.While SolidCast still falls into my "don't quite get it" category because they have disk space limitations, I can't find... Continue Reading
Using Libsyn as a Web Host
I don't know what the guys at Libsyn would think about this, but I ran across a thread at the Podcast Pickle the other day about this.Libsyn (or Liberated Syndication if you like long words) is a podcast host. They're... Continue Reading
Feedburner is an RSS optimizing service that can do wonders for your plain old podcast feed. One of the things that it can do for you is provide some stats on how many subscribers you have. Remember, I said subscribers...
A podbrowser is almost like a podcatcher, but with a difference. A podcatcher is designed to download the latest show in any given feed, and offer the listener the ability to download the last x number of shows if they... Continue Reading
Pay Per Call Advertising?
This is a new one on me, but I'm admittedly not all that knowledgeable about advertising outside of the web world. Apparently, pay per call advertising is a method whereby advertisers can place ads in media and they only pay... Continue Reading
Bandwagon Jumper-Oners: What I Want Podcasting
I'm all for anything that promotes podcasting and brings it into the light. Good, bad and indifferent publicity is always good in my opinion and to date I've had a pretty high tolerance for misinformation on podcasting. However, I read... Continue Reading
Bigger Market for Car Players
My country, Canada, is in the midst of discussing the possibility of banning new drivers from using electronic devices such as MP3 players and cell phones while driving.I totally agree, but I don't think this should be aimed at novice... Continue Reading
Net Neutrality and Podcasting
I've written a background piece on the hot topic of Net Neutrality over on my personal blog. I'll just go into the broad strokes here and leave the details for those who want to read the larger piece.In short, ISPs... Continue Reading
Profcast for Mac
is anybody using this thing? I'd love to get some feedback from an actual user on it. Profcast is a podcasting suite designed specifically to turn lectures and presentations into podcasts. ProfCast includes features to make it easier to create... Continue Reading
Podcastsing News: A Great Resource
It occurred to me today that nary a day goes by when I don't comment on something I've read on Podcasting News. It further occurred to me that other than linking to the articles I'm talking about on Podcasting News,... Continue Reading
Would you trust your physician to do a procedure on you that he had only learned once, and only been refreshed on it via a videocast?Hmmm...I think I would, but I'm sure there are many people who wouldn't. There's something... Continue Reading
Video Goggles
In our News from the Weird category today, I bring you ezVision Video iWear.These strap-on goggles attach to any DVD player or VCR and are built to provide a the same view as a 50" screen viewed at an 8... Continue Reading
vidcasting for Dollars
Robyn Tippins wrote a short article on RSS Applied that states Vidcasters might be able to command 70% of the available podcasting advertising dollars.I think that's likely true on the surface, but I agree with Robyn's warning that Vidcasting isn't... Continue Reading
What Will Scoble Do?
Now that the intial hubub about Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft for Podtech has died down a bit, there is some insightful thought and discussion about it coming forth.Alex Williams ponders whether Scoble will do the same thing for podcasting as... Continue Reading
Colligan's Duality of Podcasting
Written at 3:26am, Paul Colligan offered some surprisingly lucid thoughts on the duality of podcasting. His article is based on the premise that there are two types of podcasters: Those with the goal of monetization (direct or indirect) and those... Continue Reading
Net Neutrality and Podcasting
There's a lot of buzz on the Internet about Net Neutrality these days. I've written a background post on the subject on my blog which I recommend reading for a full understanding, but the bare bones of it are: ISPs... Continue Reading
Podcast Word Contest Extended
OK,so maybe I left the deadling a little short. We need more entries for our 'Pod Word' contest. Fame and fortune wait!Details here.... Continue Reading
How Important is Podcast File Size?
In a word? Very.Once encoded into an MP3 (or OGG, or ACC or whatever), your show is just a file. And like any other file, it has to be transferred across the Internet in order for your listeners to listen... Continue Reading
How Transparent is too Transparent?
Blogging has taught us that customers appreciate transparency. The days of being quite for a couple of days after a PR explosion to get a decent response in order are gone. Customers expect immediate and candid responses to problems.However, any... Continue Reading
I'm a GNU/Linux user and therefore this article might be a bit jaded. I've completely given up on Skype for podcast interviews and have moved to Gizmo exclusively for the past few months. My main reason for making the initial...
How Main Stream Marketing Misses the Boat
Today's case study is Marketing Sherpa. Anne Holland, president, was interviewed by Chantal Tode for DM News recently. The article went live today and it does nothing to make me think that Holland knows much  about Internet media.The main theme... Continue Reading
More Podagogy
I've officially claimed the phrase Podagogy to refer to educational use of podcasts.Santa Monica College is the newest entrant in the "let's throw iPods at our students" contest. While I give SMC full credit for being excited about the idea,... Continue Reading
Trading Currency Metrics
"Trading Currency Metrics" a cool phrase that actually has some meaning. Without looking up the alleged meaning of this phrase, I'm going to take a stab at it. Actually, I'm going to go one further and suggest that I've talked... Continue Reading
Three Things I Would Do Differently
If I could rewind the clock about 15 months or so and restart my podcasting career, there are a few things I would do differently. Let me be clear that I have no regrets at all, but let's face it... Continue Reading
Mobilecasting Event Ideas
Whenever I think of podcasting an event, I always look around to see what big conferences and shows are happening around town. I live in a pretty big town so there's usually something to choose from. As it turns out,... Continue Reading
Ways To Describe a Podcast
There is no shortage of people out there that will attempt to define a the term 'podcast'. I won't add to the noise. This entry is aimed at podcasters who are asked that question by a potential interviewee.I operate primarily... Continue Reading
Broadcast Your Podcast: Video
A couple of weeks ago I talked about Broadcast Your Podcast. BYP is a project run by Lottie from the Netherlands. Just for the asking, Lottie will make you an FM transmitter that you can plug into your MP3 player... Continue Reading
Podcasting Saves Lives
Another first! The UK arm of St. John Ambulance is releasing weekly podcasts all summer on...you guess it...first aid!How to stem bleeding and how to treat shock are a couple of the first few on the air.What a great idea.... Continue Reading
Promote Your Podcast - Three Tips
Graeme Sprigge has an article over on Ezine Articles detailing three steps involved in promoting a podcast.While the language is kind of campy, he does have three solid points: Write an accurate description of your show Submit your show to... Continue Reading
Podcast Word Contest
After Jason's brutal offering of the word "podagogy" in reference to educational podcasting, I started thinking about how many "pod" words there are out there. I don't think a day goes by when I don't either hear a new "pod"... Continue Reading
Event Podcasts
Who says podcasts have to last forever? There are a variety of reasons for putting together a specialized, short-lived podcast series and the World Cup is a great candidate.International events like the World Cup can really capitalize on the time-shifted... Continue Reading
One Day Late
I missed it. I'm ashamed of it, but there's no sense trying to hide it. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of Dave Winer's inaugural podcast episode called Audio Morning Coffee Notes.For the unitiated, Dave Winer and Adam Curry are... Continue Reading
Setting the Record Straight
I did Scott Sigler a disservice the other day when I wrote an entry entitled Paper? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Paper! and I'd like to set the record straight.In that entry, I wrong credited Brian Luff with publishing the... Continue Reading
Podcasting Apps Make Top 10 List
Vlad over at The Blog Joint has posted an entry listing his top 10 Open Source applications. Aside from the file sharing apps, I regulary use all of them and a couple of them specifically for podcasting.Most notable on the... Continue Reading
WavePad: Gratis Audio Editor for Windows
One of the products that Scott mentioned in his recent article over at Information Week was WavePad. WavePad is a gratis (free as in free beer) audio editor. I grabbed a copy and took it for a quick run and... Continue Reading
Free and Low Cost Advice
I am aghast. I just found an article written by Scott Koegler over on Information Week that, get this, didn't try to sell me anything. I know I sound like I'm being facetious, but almost every article I read on... Continue Reading
Making Video Casts in iLife
Ryan Faas has a decent article on how to create a video cast using iLife on the Mac on InformIT. Most of the articles of this type that I run across are either written at such a high level that... Continue Reading
One Week Moratorium on Educational Podcasting
While working my way through my podcasting feeds this morning, I ran across another handful of educationally related podcast news and stories. I was about to write about one of them when it dawned on me that I'm writing an... Continue Reading
Rocketboom: The $85,000 Videocast?
Robert Scoble made a comment recently about the famous Rocketboom podcast being able to command $85,000 a week in advertising revenue. There are lots of detractors out there stating that information is likely untrue, but who really knows?Rocketboom has never... Continue Reading
Hostaway Podcast Hosting: Not Quite Getting it
I'm not going to put this under the Snake Oil category, but I considered it. Let's just call Hostaway "out of the loop". Hostaway has recently introduced podcast hosting into their product line. Now, I'm always suspicious when someone mentions... Continue Reading
Whatever Happened to the About Page?
This is a good tip for a web presence in general. I spend an awful lot of time surfing around the net in my quest for podcast-related content to comment on and think about. When you view 200 sites a... Continue Reading
Podshow Moving into the UK
Adam Curry's Podshow Network is officially moving into the UK. Podshow has been operating in the US for a while now, and enjoying some decent popularity and a little bit of scandal. (For the record, there's nothing scandalous about Podshow's... Continue Reading
Today's Snake Oil: The Wonderful World of Podcasting
Victor Pryles would have you believe that podcasting is a great way to drive traffic to your website and thus increase sales. He'll even happily sell you a book detailing exactly how to do it for $17. I've put this... Continue Reading
PodTech and Scoble
I saw the headline in my Feedlounge this morning, but I didn't believe it. It appears to be true, however. Scoble is leaving Microsoft to go and work with PodTech.Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Robert Scoble... Continue Reading
Audiomag? Sheesh...
Mark Ramsey of Hear 2.0 thinks that podcasts should be called Audiomags. His reasoning is: "Podcast is, when you think about it, an absolutely horrible name for the technology," writes Ramsey. "We don't watch a TVcast, we watch a TV... Continue Reading
Why My Book Deal Died
A while ago an editor from Que publishing contacted me and asked me if I'd like to write a book on podcasting. I said "sure", and we started in on hammering out the proposal. Shortly after submitting said proposal, the... Continue Reading
Vloggercon 2006 is a Go
Well, I guess it was a go a long time ago, but it's officially sold out now. Vloggercon is slated to start tomorrow and run for the weekend of June 10th and 11th. I was all excited about this until... Continue Reading
Podcatching: Push or Pull?
Push media is the term used to describe media that is provided to the end user when when it's convenient for the provider. Ads on a webpage are a good example of push media - the user doesn't do anything,... Continue Reading
Don't Read To Us
Charles Chapman was recently quoted as saying: The trick though is knowing what a podcast is and isn't. If it's just someone reading a press release or speaking the party line from a script then it's not valuable... Very true,... Continue Reading
Jun 9
Push Button Podcasting
I think this idea was predictable, but I'm still quite skeptical. Private Label Podcasting has (almost) hit the street. Yup, Push Button Podcasting will give you the ability to be a podcaster without actually being a podcaster. For some unknown... Continue Reading
German Chancellor Podcasting
Whoa. I think the subject says it all. Called "Die Kanzlerin direkt," or "The Chancellor Direct," the podcast will feature Angela Merkel's thoughts on mostly political topics, although the first video - coming out Thursday - will address the World... Continue Reading
N.C. Central University Jumps on the Podcast Wagon
Look out Duke, there's competition in them thar hills! Duke University started incorporating podcasting into the their curriculum recently. I thought I had written about that, but a search for Duke turns up nothing here so either I'm getting senile... Continue Reading
Make Your Own Podvertisement
I'm not sure if this is viral or cheesy. Earthlink and Podshow have joined forces and put together the "Make Advertising Better" challenge. Basically, you and I can make an ad and enter it into the challenge: Do you think... Continue Reading
Your Brand
A friend emailed me today about one of her clients. She's in the web design business and one of her clients had received an email that made him think that someone was registering a whole whack of domain names like... Continue Reading
Jun 8
RSS Feed Stats
I caught Todd Cochrane's post on Typepad and Feedbruner today. Todd hasn't been happy with Typepad for a while, but I don't want to talk about that. Todd is a veteran podcaster, the head of the Tech Podcast Network and... Continue Reading
Negative Penguin Media
Mike Beckham talks about Negative Penguin Media today. Mike notices that most podcast networks are little more than directories and he ponders what's the point in that? I must admit that I pay pretty much zero attention to the networks... Continue Reading
Odeo Makes Chipmunks
I ran across a blog entry today by Randy Charles Morin (another Canuck - wOOt!)  about Odeo. Odeo offers a few podcasting services and amongst them is the option to record your podcast online via a Flash Applet, or upload... Continue Reading
Make Your Blog Talk!
I heard about Feed2Podcast a while ago, but didn't have the time to look at it closely. Time went by and I ended up forgetting about it. Today, however, Robbie from Feed2Podcast sent our an email that reminded me about... Continue Reading
Jun 7
Things That Make Me Go "Hmmm..."
There's a little snippet over on Andapr today about podvertsing. The quote is from a an eMarketer report and quotes podcast audiences being projected at: 10 million this year 25 million by 2008, and 50 million by 2010 That's all... Continue Reading
Tiananmen Square Podcasts
Remember Tiananmen Square? So do a whole lot of Chinese citizens and they're now talking about it. Seventeen years after the violent June 4th Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989, the Chinese government has yet to respond to demands for a... Continue Reading
Snake Oil: How to Become a Podcaster
Graham Holliday has a high-level article on becoming a podcaster over on Journalism.co.uk.The high-level points of the article are to get a good microphone, a portable recorder, an audio editor, some blogware, a feed, and a host. The more indepth... Continue Reading
Monetizing Your Podcast
Patrick Curran has an article posted on Podcast Help in which he shares the three broad methods of monetizing a podcast. There are no sliver arrows in this article, but Curran accurately summarizes the field. You'll have to read the... Continue Reading
Jun 6
Teen Podcasters Unite!
I've lost count of how many podcast networks have the initials "TPN". Lemme see....there's The Podcast Network, Tech Podcast Network, and now the Teen Podcast Network. Oh, that's only three - I guess I can handle that.I was unaware of... Continue Reading
The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary
OK, so not exactly podcast-specific but we're all in the crazy new media family so let's hang out for a while. I stumbled across The Giant Blogging Terms Glossary over on Blogspot today and wow - it is big. It... Continue Reading
Virtual Assistant for Podcasters
Leesa Barnes (this woman is everywhere!) has an interesting article over on Completely Virtual.The artice enumerates five ways in which a virtual assistant can assist a podcaster. I think we're all pretty familiar with the virtual assistant idea from a... Continue Reading
Are Libraries Becoming Extinct?
The Krafty Librarian (have I mentioned that I really dislike talking about people with cutesy little handles? This is real life, use a real name) is tearing her(?) hair out because no one is attempting to index the mass wave... Continue Reading
Podcatchers for the Non-Podcatching Crowd
As a friend of mine said yesterday: "Email is dying,sure. But it's a slow death. Like 5 or 10 years".  I've heard that statistics are showing that more and more people are turning to RSS, but I don't believe that... Continue Reading
Jun 5
Senate Podcasts
Everyone's on the bus, even the US Senate. I'm going to guess that this is a "windcast", but who knows. I guess if you're into US politics then it might be interesting. The list of podcasts include: The Senate Republican... Continue Reading
Podcasting Conferences
I've made no secret that the way to make money from podcasting is to do anything but podcast. Conferences are one of the big money-makers in the podcasting space and while some of them have value, others are just a... Continue Reading
This is my Skeptical Look
Banking podcasts. OK, sure. Why not? First Direct - online banking specialists - is going to hop on the podwagon. The first podcast will go live on the company website in June and will feature an interview with first direct's... Continue Reading
Intellicaster: Bringing Lawsuits To You
I can't help but feel that most of the applications for Intellicaster are...well...illegal. Intellicaster is a solution from Intelligent Assistance that will automatically record media, optionally replace the commercials in it, upload it to the web and produce an RSS... Continue Reading
iPod Clothing
This may not be completely podcasting related, but it's too weird to pass up. Clothes built for your iPod, anyone? The new additions to the BlackCoat line of outerwear, named Work, Sport, and Surf, each include ElekTex, a smart fabric... Continue Reading
Jun 4
Podcasting as a Customer Service Tool
The idea isn't new and Adobe is demonstrating why it works. The concept of using podcasts as a tool to introduce potential new customers to a product or product line is well established, but there's not a lot of case... Continue Reading
Harvard Business School Podcasts
Looky, looky - even the staid old Ivy Leaguers are starting to podcast. The Harvard Business School is producing bi-weekly podcasts called the IdeaCast. I like the name and if I was a business nut I would likely enjoy the... Continue Reading
What is a Podcast?
I wrote this article a few weeks ago, but it wasn't ever published. I thought that it might make a good addition to Biz Podcasting. The term podcasting refers to the production and distribution of podcasts. Podcasts are essentially Internet... Continue Reading
What is a Podcatcher?
Somtimes it occurs to me that I may be using phrases that I haven't defined. There's something like 180 posts on Biz Podcasting now so even if I have mentioned it, a definition of "podcatcer" might be suitable to review.... Continue Reading
Videocasting Points to Ponder
Videocasting - we can all do it, right? Consumer grade video cameras have been around for years and with the new digital breed and some basic editing software, anyone can be a star! Almost. I'm not trying to scare anyone.... Continue Reading
Jun 3
The iRiver T10
The iRiver T10 is a 1 GB player that records voice into 64kbs MP3 files. When recording, the display will count down the number of minutes remaining based on the available disk space. An empty T10 can record up... Continue Reading
Intro to Sound Seeing
Sightseeing is a term that we're all familiar with. We pack the car full of our relatives and drive out into the country or into town and enjoy the scenery. Sightseeing is the same thing, but there's no video. It's... Continue Reading
How To Shop for a Host
While there are many things that you may want for your podcast, there are two things that you absolutely must have: no limits and a valid RSS feed. There is an absolute plethora of companies out there that will offer... Continue Reading
Podvertising - Yea or Nay?
The issue of podcast advertising (podvertising) has become a veritable battlefield. There are those that feel that amateur media isn't worthy of carrying advertising and doing so lowers its worth even farther. The other side feels that if a show... Continue Reading
Networks vs Directories
There are two very good, but very different, ways to generate publicity for a podcast. Podcast networks such as Podshow, The Podcast Network and the Tech Podcast Network provide a place for listeners to find shows that fit their interests,... Continue Reading
Jun 2
My Podder Mini-review
Most podcatchers are applications that run on a computer. Podcast Ready, by contrast, is very different. While still dependent on either the Windows or Macintosh operating systems, Podcast Ready's MyPodder is the first podcatcher to hit the market that runs... Continue Reading
Liberated Syndication Podcast Host Mini-Review
I've used Libsyn to host two of my independent podcasts over the past year. My show and technical expertise has matured enough that it is now a better economic decision to host my show on my own server, but for... Continue Reading
How To Encode MP3's With Audacity
Get the LAME encoder. For Windows or Macintosh, you can download the encoder from the Audacity website. For Linux users, you can either download the LAME source and compile it from the LAME website, or you may be able to... Continue Reading
How to Pick a Topic
So you want to podcast, but aren't sure of the topic? Here's an article I recently wrote on how to do just that. Pick a topic: This may seem obvious, but there are many, many podcasts out there that have... Continue Reading
How To Conduct a Podcast Interview
Decide on a suitable recording method: There's no sense in conducting a phone interview if you have no way of recording it. The most obvious ways to record phone calls is with the VoIP solutions on the market such as... Continue Reading
Jun 1
Recording Interviews With Gabcast
Set up account: First you must register for an account at Gabcast. No surprises here, just a standard signup.Create at least one channel: This part confused me for a bit. You must create channels to hold your shows. For most... Continue Reading
EasyTag Mini-review
EasyTag is an audio file tagger for GNU/Linux.Unlike many audio player's built-in tagging functions, Easy Tag can insert almost any ID tag into almost any file. It supports the tagging of MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack and Monkey's... Continue Reading
They're Listening to the Whole Show
Podvertiser detractors like to point out that just because a show is downloaded doesn't mean it's been listened to. I've always found that to be a funny thing to say. I mean, let's face it - how many people are... Continue Reading

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