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Talk Shoe Live.
Talk Shoe is the newest entry into the podcasting services space. I recieved an email a couple of days ago that the site was open for business so I went and took a little looksee.

First impression - it looks great. Second impression - it looks great.

I have a policy that I don't create accounts on every service that comes along because, quite frankly, there are too many of them and I don't have the time or the spam tolerance to throw my email address around willy nilly. Therefore, I haven't tried out Talk Shoe, but as near as I can tell it looks much like a Skypecast or Gabcast kind of service where a person can set up a show and others can call into it. Record the whole thing and blammo - you have a podcast.

There's also a monetizing side of the house where Talk Shoe will insert ads as available into your show.

I'd be interested in an insider view of Talk Shoe. If anyone's used it, please comment here and let us know how it all works.

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