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Not Everyone Gets It.
There's no shortage of listeners out there that are willing to rant and rave about the poor quality of many podcasts. I agree that there is certainly a minimum level of quality required to engage and keep listeners, but the true value of podcasting is the content, not the bells and whistles. Podcasting will always fail the quality test when put up head to head with main stream media but that's OK. It was never supposed to go against MSM on quality, it was supposed to go against it with content.

Podcasting makes any topic on the planet viable to deliver. MSM talks about 100 different popular topics in 4,000 ways. If you like those 100 topics then stick with MSM. If you're looking for something different - head on over to podcasting.

Glenn (preumably) over on Glenn Audio is a listener that has missed the point of podcasting:

If podcasting is to become the radio of the future, it’s (sic) content producers must strive to do a better job of producing. Let’s begin to raise the bar now. Why not become an innovator?

Sorry, Glenn - podcasting isn't supposed to be the radio of the future. I can see why you're disappointed if that's the impression you were under.  I'm also unclear why Glenn thinks that the differentiating factor is pre-production? I've found that post-production is much more important to quality. Get rid of the gaffs, the bumps, the sniggers, and whatever else is detracting from the content.

Podcasters should be aware that there's an inverse relationship between show content and quality. The general rule is that the closer your content is to MSM content, the higher quality your show has to be. If you're way off in the weeds doing a show on knitting with a single needle while blindfolded, then your audience is so happy to have found a like-minded individual that they'll be less picky about your quality. When you podcast about topics that are already widely available in MSM, then you're setting yourself up for some serious competition.

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