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All Good Things Must Come to an End
It is with mixed emotions that I write this post. Effective pretty much immediately, I will no longer be writing for Biz Podcasting. The reasons for my decision are three-fold:
  1. My work environment has changed. Whereas before I was moving away from the cubicle farm as fast as I could, I have now been given more responsibilty at work which requires a more serious attitude about it. And full time hours. I'm not sure if I like that, but that's how it is for now.
  2. Know More Media has done some restructuring which doesn't fit with my goals anymore. The changes make perfect sense and in a way I saw them coming a while ago. However, they still don't mesh with where I'm wanting to go.
  3. I'm out of steam on the topic. I have written almost 750 entries on Biz Podcasting (well, OK, Leesa wrote some of them) and to be frank - it's become the "same old, same old" around here. A new directory, a new service, a new player, a new legal battle. While podcasting itself is still quite young, the challenges have already become predictable and repetitive. Writing the same entries with new names has become tiresome. It's time to bow out and let some fresh blood in here.
My initial intention was to continue posting until the end of the month, but that's not panning out very well. I've become even busier that I thought possible at work and at the same time become less motivated to post here than I thought possible. I guess once you give up ownership on something all of the motivation goes with it.

Personally, this has been a heck of a ride. I've met a lot of great people, a lot of mediocre Snake Oilers, made some introductions and started a few fights. I will always remember Biz Podcasting as a Good Time (tm). I want to thank every reader, every commenter, and every lurker. This place wouldn't have been half as much fun without you.

As for Know More Media - what can I say? Dan, Hal, and Easton have been incredible to me. They gave me the opportunity to take those first few steps outside of the cubicle farm an towards becoming a full-time blogger. As it turns out, that's not in the cards for me right now but that doesn't take anything away from the greatness that is Know More Media. The blogosphere is small and I hope we'll cross paths again - they truly are great people to work with and work for.

And with that, I shut off my mic. Run outro. I'm outtie.
Pod-Planet: Nice Notice
I received an email today from Pod Planet. The email told me that my podcast (The JaK Attack!) had been entered into the Pod Planet directory. I thought this was a pretty cool feature.I've stumbled across my podcast here and... Continue Reading
Noopod 2.0 Released
I'm not a superstitious guy, but I still don't think I would release a product on Friday the 13th. The crew at Wilsoftech don't seem to mind, however. They've released version 2.0 of their Noopod sofware today.From my pre-release email:... Continue Reading
Up Snap: Mobile Podcasting Without Data Usage
We were all thinking it (or at least I was), and now Up Snap has done it. While cellular data plans are ridiculously expensive here in Canada, we seem to have more voice minutes kicking around than anyone knows what... Continue Reading
Podcast Teasers and Monetization.
It's fairly common for big blogs to have two feeds: one that contains full articles along with ads, and one that only contains article summaries, but no ads.I find myself wondering today if such a thing can be done with... Continue Reading
Textbook Publishers Trying iTunesU
McGraw-Hill has tired of trying to get student's attention by putting supplementary material on websites and CDs. Given the interest in iTunes and podcasting, the book publisher is going to give iTunesU a try.The school in question is the University... Continue Reading
Podcasting Observations from a Listener
Dpeach (shrug) on My Thought Spot has posted two entries (1, 2)in the last little while about what bugs him or her about the podcasts he or she listens to. Statistically, dpeach is most likely to be male, so I'll... Continue Reading
IODA Joining With Kiptronic
Kiptronic is a podcast advertising service that I've had my eye on for a while now. Kiptronic's distinctive strength is two-fold. For starters, the service offers an Apache module which (allegedly) can be used on any Apache server to insert... Continue Reading
Don't Forget Your Domain
Podshow recently made news again. This time, though, they weren't being flamed by their customers or the Internet at large. Rather, this time they were caught being forgetful.Yup, on the 9th of October, the Podshow.com domain expired out from under... Continue Reading
Museumpods Growing
This is one subject that I was pretty sure I would never be visiting again. Sure there were a few museums podcasting in the spring, but I never thought it would grow.Well grow it has and there's one watchful eye... Continue Reading
RIP You Tube
It happened. The rumours were true and Google has purchased You Tube for $1.65 llion US. Yes, billion.I have no idea what to say about that. I just can't fathom why You Tube is worth that much to Google. I... Continue Reading
Podcamp NYC Hitting Stride
More Podcamps than you can shake a stick at! After the inaugural one in Boston a while ago, there were 5 in the making and now there are no less than 8.   I'm impressed by the momentum, but I'm curious... Continue Reading
Oct 9
How Much Media Can We Stand?
I ran across a very cool thought today on Salto Sobrius. Martin Rundkvist has just had a "Aha!" moment about podcasting and shares it on his blog. With podcasting and video-on-demand, you and I decide what we want to watch/hear,... Continue Reading
Podzinger Slapping in the Ads
Podzinger has opened the doors on its audio and video advertising service. Like Kiptronic, Fruitcast, and a number of other players in the podvertising space, Podzinger will use some space age technology to match up advertisements and show content and... Continue Reading
How Important is Podcast Transcription?
I read a blog entry today on e24 Transcription. Given the high amount of grammatical and style errors in the entry I certainly wouldn't consider them as a contender to transcribe my show, but the entry did serve to make... Continue Reading
Oct 8
More Bad News for Business Podcasts
I recently noticed that business podcasts don't seem to be a very popular genre in the podcasting space. I interact regularly with business podcasters and consultants and that makes it pretty easy to get myopic. lt's good to get out... Continue Reading
What's Your iTunes Numbers?
Scott Bourne talks today about iTunes being the 800 pound gorilla in the podcatching space: ...every legitimate survey and report I’ve studied shows that iTunes has 70 percent or more of the podcast directory market. Given that a podcast can... Continue Reading
5 Podcast Newbie Lessons
Ben Yoskovitz, host of the Great Big Small Business Show (great name!), shares his top 5 lessons learned after creating 7 episodes of his show.I'll leave it to Ben to explain the details, but the main points are: The technology... Continue Reading
Oct 7
Saturday Speed Links:
So much stuff to read, so little time. Here's what's on my plate to read more about later on today: Robyn Tippings reports that Odeo has shut the doors on Audioblogger. Good news for Jason and crew over at Gabcast!... Continue Reading
IE7: The Next iTunes
I should clarify - I don't mean that IE7 is going to sell music, but I do mean that Rick Klau of Feedburner thinks that the podcasting space is going to explode once again once IE7 comes out with its... Continue Reading
News: Not Suitable for Podcasting
While most of us agree that the true strength of podcasts lie in the niche - the ability to attract extremely targetted listener groups. The ability to do so not only (should) make podcast listeners attractive to advertisers, it can... Continue Reading
Oct 6
Why Would Google Buy You Tube?
There have been rumours about a You Tube acquisition and they're starting to reach "possibly, maybe, might be true" level. TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, and Todd Cochrane (heh...) are all talking about it.My feelings on You Tube is that it's... Continue Reading
Brit's Don't Get Technology
Nielsen has recently posted the results of a survey on technology and how the British are dealing with the never-ending changes that these little gadgets and services keep bringing.While Nielsen has blown all credibility with me  (and to be honest... Continue Reading
Podcaster Wiki Growing Up
I recall writing about the Podcaster Wiki a while ago, but perhaps I dreamt it since I can't find the post any more. In any event, the wiki came across my reader this morning and I took a trip by... Continue Reading
Oct 5
Jobs in the Podcasting Field: They Exist!
I recently wrote about a fleeting thought I had on the subject of podcasting jobs. I think that the impetus for that post was Darren's recently launched Pro Blogger Jobs Board.I was writing while thinking towards the future and with... Continue Reading
US: Defamation and the Podcaster
Google Alerts delivered an interesting article today on the subject of defamation and podcasting. This article by Jeffrey P. Hermes and Samantha L. Gerlovin was carried on Tech News World and deals with how US courts might and look at... Continue Reading
Calgary Podcasting Classes Coming Up
I normally don't post entries about podcasting classes because they're a dime a dozen and I'm always skeptical about the instructors. This class, however, violates both of those rules and will prove to be a good solid course on podcasting.How... Continue Reading
Podcasters Aren't Helping Themselves
Jason Lee Miller has a post on Web Pro News about some stats that he learned while at the recent Podcast and Portable Media Expo. While I know this is just an accumulation of sound bites from the expo and... Continue Reading
Business Podcasts: The Big Circle Jerk?
As a blogger and podcaster, I'm aways acutely aware that we all live in an insular world. Even today, I doubt I could get a 15 out of a 100 random people in my local mall to admit they know... Continue Reading
Oct 4
Scoble on Podcasting, Microsoft, and Blogging
Web Pro News interviews Robert Scoble, VP of Media Development at PodTech,  in the Bloggers Lounge at the Podcasting and Portable Medie Expo. Lots of good stuff in the bean-bag interview such as tips for new podcasters: Have something to... Continue Reading
Oct 3
The Two Steve's: Woz and Colbert
Just for laughs.Steve Wozniak guests on Stephen Colbert's show. The interview is focussed on Woz's new book, but there's a bit about podcasting and more about audio books splattered throughout. Colbert actually ends up laughing more at Woz than the... Continue Reading
Samson Zoom H4 Podcast Studio. Oh Yeah!
Yes, I can be bought.While I think there are far too many companies out there selling radio gear as podcasting gear, even I have a weak spot for a smokin' gadget.Meet the Samson Zoom H4 podcast recorder. It features 2... Continue Reading
Bloglines Audio Player: A Missed Boat
Bloglines has recently introduced a bunch of changes to the service. Up until now, I've used Bloglines but rather grudgingly because it just didn't seem to be up to industrial use. It's behaving pretty good these days, though, and while... Continue Reading
List: Top 4 Linux Podcasts
While list week is over, I had so much fun making lists of all sorts that I've decided to carry on. Today, I bring you a list of the top 4 Linux podcasts. Note that I am only listing shows... Continue Reading
Oct 2
Speed Linking: Zune, Cheap Rigs, and More
Podcasting stuff worth reading about, but not really worth talking about :) Microsoft says third parties are going to have to provide podcasting support for Vista: What the hell is wrong with these guys? Is it because Podcasting is too... Continue Reading
Rocketboom: $20K If I Like Your Ad
It figures that Andrew would get it right. While I've been berating podcasters who take cut-rate CPMs in order to put $20 into their pockets while undermining the rest of the podvertising industry, Andrew Baron has nailed how podvertising should... Continue Reading
A Look at Songbird
Songbird is a not-quite-ready media player built on Firefox. What separates Songbird from your desktop media player is that Songbird can "play the web".I watched the screencast of Song Bird today and have some thoughts. While Songbird's slant is most... Continue Reading
How Not To Pick a Podcast Consultant: Derek Gehl
I ran across this post on Mark-Ho.com. Mark reports on a recent podcasting seminar he went to hosted by Derek Ghel that and was "was amazed at the contents they (sic) Derek spilled out during the course."Mark recapped some of... Continue Reading
Oct 1
What Should a Podcast Consultant Do For You?
A recent post I made about podcast consulting garnered an interesting comment. The commenter stated that radio producers would make good podcast consultants. While I wholeheartedly disagree with that statement for the reasons I stated here, it got me to... Continue Reading
Podcast Expo Round Ups
Given that the PME has come to a close, I had hoped to find a bunch of roundups to post. I only found two, however, but hey...it's only 10am my time on Sunday. I'm sure there are more to come.Until... Continue Reading
A Microphone Does Not a Consultant Make
Donna Papacosta has recently written about podcast consultants and how to gauge them. As we all know, one of the great joys of my life is the maintenance of my Snake Oil category in which I list so-called podcast gurus... Continue Reading
List Week: 3 "Podcast" Word Alternatives
List Week continues. In the wake of Leo Laporte's proposal of the word netcast to replace podcast, I thought of a few more words that might suffice. I 100% agree with Leo that tying what we do to a corporate... Continue Reading

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