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Oct 8
More Bad News for Business Podcasts
I recently noticed that business podcasts don't seem to be a very popular genre in the podcasting space. I interact regularly with business podcasters and consultants and that makes it pretty easy to get myopic. lt's good to get out and look at your space from the outside sometimes.

Along these lines, a post from G'Day World caught my attention today. Cameron Reilly, principal of The Podcast Network, has posted the top ten downloaded shows from TPN in September.

Drumroll please...
  1. G'Day World
  2. Claybourne
  3. Digital Photography
  4. Media Centre
  5. Rock
  6. PSP
  7. Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  8. Martial Arts
  9. Gaming
  10. Cranky Middle Manager
Given that Cam was reporting G'Day World as having 21,000 downloads in June and it's at the top of this list, I don't think this list contains a whopping amount of downloads. However, it's interesting (to me, anyhow) that there's only a single business show on the list and it's in last place. Actually, if you've ever heard Wayne Turmel's show, Cranky Middle Manager might be more accurately described as humour than business.

I'm going to start paying more attentiong to lists like this. So far, it seems that music and general entertainment top most of the lists I've seen thus far.

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Hiya Jon. Thanks for mentioning this. One of the great frustrations in these early days of podcasting is that (quiet as its kept) it's kids and techies that make up the bulk of the podcast audience.

A look at the rankings on iTunes, Podcast Alley or any other will tell you that business podcasts lag way behind music, comedy and even Linux programming. It will take a while until business people in other disciplines (notorious late adopters for the most part) truly embrace the medium, which is good news for those who stake our claims early.

As to whether my show is humour or business- since my commentaries are only 15% or less of the show (humourous I hope, but also with a learning point) and the rest of the show is information from leaders in the management field I think it qualifies. It would probably come as news to guests like David Maister, David Allen, Lisa Haneberg and others that they were not on a legitimate business podcast.

Picked nits aside, thanks for raising the profile of business podcasting- deadly serious or with a tongue lightly in cheek.

Turn the dial on your AM or FM radio next time you're in the car - might make you feel like a Luddite though! :)

Most of what you hear is music and other entertainment as opposed to "information." Podcasts simply echo that.

Besides, what Wayne says above business and late adopters.

And you are very right - it's easy to be myopic. We see what we are all around us

I was certainly myopic until I actively started looking around. I live in the hype of business podcasting so it was natural for me to assume that it's a big market. The number of business podcasts aren't insignificant, but they're much lower on the "top 10" lists everywhere than I thought they would be.

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