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Podcast Teasers and Monetization.
It's fairly common for big blogs to have two feeds: one that contains full articles along with ads, and one that only contains article summaries, but no ads.

I find myself wondering today if such a thing can be done with a podcast. While there's no technical reason why a podcaster can't produce more than one file per show (and hence maintain more than one feed), I wonder what the logistics and audience reaction would be to it.

I'm also thinking that the reverse might work better in podcasting: the teaser can have the ads and the main show can be ad free.

Something like this:

  1. Create and encode show as per normal
  2. Create a 2-minute summary of the show either by compiling bits of the show or by "pre-narrating" the show.
    1. Either slap an ad in the teaser or run this feed through Kiptronic or some other ad service so ads are placed into it as it's downloaded.
    2. This little guy can help people figure out if they want to bother downloading the show or not (c'mon, we all know half of them are direct downloading anyhow)
  3. Post each show in its own feed.
    1. Or perhaps, only post the teasers in a feed. Full shows can only be had via direct download from your website. More ad impressions.
What do you think? Am I crazy?

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Of all of the talk on "monetizing" podcasting, this is the first idea that I think actually has merit. (Yea, and my opinion is worth so much.) I think a teaser feed with ads would add value to the listener, I would like to get an overview of an episode of the shows that I subscribe to. That way I can decide if it is a "must listen" "defer till later" or "skip".

Thanks! If it wasn't so much trouble I might try it myself :)

We kicked it around at a podCALGARY meeting tonight. We may try it out on a future project.

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