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Rob Safuto: On the Hunt for Snake Oil
And the posse is growing.I don't pretend for a second that I started the concept of "snake oil hunting", but I do think I've done something to popularize it. I've created an entire category here on Biz Podcasting dedicated to...
Snake Oil: The Internet Audio Guy
Thanks for Jason for bringing this to my attention. I can only track down so many snake-oiil vendors in the course of a day and it's nice to have some help.Today's podcasting snake-oil dealer is The Internet Audio Guy. For... Continue Reading
Snake Oil: PWOP's $500 Podcasting Kit
All I have to say is "Huh?"A $500 "podcasting kit" lands PWOP smack dab into my Snake Oil category. I've produced almost 70 45-minute podcasts over the past year and a bit and I've spent...lemme see....maybe $200 in total. And... Continue Reading
Aug 9
Snake Oil Alert:
Note: Leesa Barnes takes over this blog while Jon enjoys his nuptials and honeymoon on the West Coast. He returns August 10th. Enjoy Leesa's take on podcasting in the meantime.I stumbled upon my first consultant that I can put into... Continue Reading
Jul 1
Women's Podcasting Expo
Hot on the heels of the International Podcast Expo comes the Women's International Podcasting Expo. Same people, same place - nowhere.This is another of these virual expos that I'm not all that fond of. I don't think there's any information... Continue Reading
Kent Sayre: Snake Oil!
This piece of garbage cropped up in my Feedlounge this morning: My name is Kent Sayre and I've invented a method for you, the ordinary person, to potentially make big money through podcasting. Best of all, I've put together all... Continue Reading

Cochrane: Disclose or Die!
Today's Snake Oil: The Wonderful World of Podcasting
Snake Oil: How to Become a Podcaster
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