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Aug 9
Snake Oil Alert: OnlyPodcasting.com
Note: Leesa Barnes takes over this blog while Jon enjoys his nuptials and honeymoon on the West Coast. He returns August 10th. Enjoy Leesa's take on podcasting in the meantime.

I stumbled upon my first consultant that I can put into the snake oil category. As Jon would say, "Woot, woot!"

I submit articles on podcasting to the podcasting section on EzineArticles.com. I check it every now and then to see who else is publishing podcasting articles. This one caught my eye because of the obvious spelling mistake. Can you spot it?

Pod Casting: Your Means To Fame

Did you see it? The author, Ricky Kraft, mispelled podcasting. People who have no clue what podcasting is usually write it as 2 separate words. I've seen this happen with a few prospects after a sales meetings. They'll send me an email saying, "We'd like to schedule another meeting so you can introduce pod casting to our Snr. VP."


Here are some other reasons why I put Ricky Kraft into the snake oil category:
  • From what I can tell , Ricky doesn't even produce his (or her) own podcast.
  • OnlyPodcasting.com is just a collection of resources from other websites ie. the whitepapers and the recommended books (although it's a nicely designed website, I might add).
  • Did I mention before that podcast and podcasting are treated as 2 separate words on OnlyPodcasting.com? Rather irritating.
As Ricky puts it in the first paragraph in the article he (or she) wrote:

Pod casting companies are sprouting everywhere. These are jumping onto the bandwagon of pod casting popularity.

Seems as though you took a page out of your own book with OnlyPodcasting.com. Launching a resource to jump on the bandwagon.

Ricky, congrats. You, treat this resource - OnlyPodcasting.com - like a canker sore.

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Ugh. This bugs the s**t out of me! Do the editors of ezinearticles.com have any way to reject stories like this? If the guy can't spell the word correctly, how can he be considered any sort of authority figure on podcasting?

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