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IODA Joining With Kiptronic
Kiptronic is a podcast advertising service that I've had my eye on for a while now. Kiptronic's distinctive strength is two-fold. For starters, the service offers an Apache module which (allegedly) can be used on any Apache server to insert...
Oct 2
Rocketboom: $20K If I Like Your Ad
It figures that Andrew would get it right. While I've been berating podcasters who take cut-rate CPMs in order to put $20 into their pockets while undermining the rest of the podvertising industry, Andrew Baron has nailed how podvertising should... Continue Reading
Katie Couric and Erectile Dysfunction
I wonder how this title is going to effect Katie's Google Juice.Mark Ramsey laments how he has left the CBSnew.com Notebook podcast because of a 30-second erectile dysfunction ad spot. So they took a 60 second segment that wasn't great... Continue Reading
Blinks: (Almost) Subliminal Audio Advertising
We've all seen examples of subliminal visual ads. Quick blinks of brand names or ideas on a television screen between frames of what we're actually watching. I think the jury is still out whether visual subliminal ads are effective, but... Continue Reading
Sep 9
Bam Bam Goes on the Pod
I hate to call this guy Bam Bam, but apparently that's who he is.Mr BB is a UK FM disk jockey who has decided to kiss the transmitters goodbye and go exclusively on the pod.In an interesting subscription model, he's... Continue Reading
Sep 2
Talk Show: Flat Rate Payments
Corey Deitz from About.com's Radio site tells us of Talk Shoe's new podcaster payment program. I wrote about Talk Shoe some time ago, but they didn't have this program running at the time. Now, it seems, Talk Show is providing... Continue Reading

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