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Jun 9
Your Brand

A friend emailed me today about one of her clients. She's in the web design business and one of her clients had received an email that made him think that someone was registering a whole whack of domain names like his, which of course made the client freak out. Turns out if was a scam, but it got me thinking about brand protection.

Shortly thereafter, I ran into this article on MSN Space about how to go about entering into an advertising agreement with a podcaster. As well as the fact that this article really rings a bell (like I've seen it somewhere before), it's also missing a critcal factor: brand protection.

Here's the short list:

  • Find top ranked podcasts
  • Listen and evaluate
  • Contact and negotiate

There should be one more point on that list:

  • Ensure the content and podcaster compliments your brand

You know what one of the top ranked podcasts on Podcast Alley was for a long time? The Dan and Drew Show. The DaD Show is utterly packed with really, really crude "humour". Sure it's popular, but do you want your brand associated with high-school jokes about sexual positions and body parts?

I'm not saying that you don't. I'm just saying that you have to be careful

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