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Oct 7
Saturday Speed Links:
So much stuff to read, so little time. Here's what's on my plate to read more about later on today: Robyn Tippings reports that Odeo has shut the doors on Audioblogger. Good news for Jason and crew over at Gabcast!...
You Tube: The $1.5 Billion Dollar Chasm
Many observers agree that while You Tube is wildly popular, it has no sustainable business model. Despite receiving $11.5 million in funding since its inception, You Tube has yet to tell anyone what their revenue model is above "pursuing advertising".The... Continue Reading
Podcasting Speed Links
Curious. Interesting. Even intriguing, but perhaps not worth an entire entry: Microsoft violating WeedShare patent with Zune technology? Via Geek News Central 5 Overused Social  Marketing Techniques. Via Social Riots Tupac on The Podsafe Music Network. Via In Over Your... Continue Reading
UNESCO Podcasts: We'll Pay 12 Times Blair Witch Project
The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is looking to dole out some moolah for video podcasts. "The organization wishes to produce and distribute a series of video podcasts for all audiences, but especially young adults (20-35), aimed... Continue Reading
Podcasting Growing in India
I wrote about podcasts from India  back in May. At that time I was writing about 2 single podcasts out of India, but today I see that much has changed. Veerchand Bothra has an article posted on his blog at... Continue Reading
Sep 7
Podcast Speed Links.
I'm going to take a page from some of my blogging peers and do a little speed link entry now and again. The point of a speed link entry is to point out things that are interesting to me (and... Continue Reading

Bandwidth-Free Mobilcatching
Apple Wants their Pod Back
Tech is the New Bling for the Ladies
Podcasting From Space
The Last Nielson Post. I Promise.
Broadcast Your Podcast via Satellite
Making Money Podcasting?
No Boom Today?
How To Become Someone.
A Sure Sign We're Getting Somewhere
So You Want to Podcast, But Have No Time, eh?
Vloggercon Video Archive
Podsploiting: Todays New and Ominous Word
Hitch: No Computer Needed
Pluggd is (Almost) Live!
Television Hops on Podwagon
Solid Space offers SolidCast
Video Goggles
What Will Scoble Do?
Net Neutrality and Podcasting
Trading Currency Metrics
Broadcast Your Podcast: Video
Podcasting Saves Lives
Event Podcasts
One Day Late
Podshow Moving into the UK
PodTech and Scoble
Paper? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Paper!
NPR Adds Podcasts
MacJournal 4 Fails to Amaze
No Podcasting for Windows Media 11
Ricky Gervais Wins Wired Rave Award
Broadcast Your Podcast
Apple Pushing Podcast on the Kids
More Niche Information - Genealogy Podcasts
Transitcasts Hit London
Citizen Media in Singapore Elections
Citizen Media in Singapore Elections

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