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A Sure Sign We're Getting Somewhere
Podcasting News has a news/opinion piece up about the blashing that mainstream media (MSM) is dishing out on videocasting and video blogging. The article cites a couple of Washington Post and Valley Wag articles where the outlets call videocasting 'lame tv' and 'amateur hour'. Clearly, Podcasting News says, we're getting somewhere.

Yup - good call. While I'm not sure why we're calling Valley Wag "main stream media", I do agree that watching the rise of podcasting is like watching the rise of blogging, but in fast-forward. Can MSM outlets really be so blind and forgetful, or are they playing us for publicity? I mean, their behaviour is so patently predictable that it's laughable.

Audio podcasting is so widely accepted now that many MSM outlets are producing or repackaging their own material. I think we can all remember 6 or so months back when podcasting was lame and amateur - now we're all on the same bandwagon. Videocasting is clearly The Next Big Thing (tm). I know because MSM is kicking at it. That's a sure sign that they're about to start videocasting themselves.

Is it any wonder why hardly anyone under 30 reads newspapers or listens to radio anymore? Those forms of media are lame, haven't you heard?

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The Gandhi maxim:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Laff...totally, eh? Who knew Gandhi knew so much about podcasting?

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