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Pod-Planet: Nice Notice
I received an email today from Pod Planet. The email told me that my podcast (The JaK Attack!) had been entered into the Pod Planet directory. I thought this was a pretty cool feature.I've stumbled across my podcast here and...
Up Snap: Mobile Podcasting Without Data Usage
We were all thinking it (or at least I was), and now Up Snap has done it. While cellular data plans are ridiculously expensive here in Canada, we seem to have more voice minutes kicking around than anyone knows what... Continue Reading
RIP You Tube
It happened. The rumours were true and Google has purchased You Tube for $1.65 llion US. Yes, billion.I have no idea what to say about that. I just can't fathom why You Tube is worth that much to Google. I... Continue Reading
Oct 9
Podzinger Slapping in the Ads
Podzinger has opened the doors on its audio and video advertising service. Like Kiptronic, Fruitcast, and a number of other players in the podvertising space, Podzinger will use some space age technology to match up advertisements and show content and... Continue Reading
Oct 3
Bloglines Audio Player: A Missed Boat
Bloglines has recently introduced a bunch of changes to the service. Up until now, I've used Bloglines but rather grudgingly because it just didn't seem to be up to industrial use. It's behaving pretty good these days, though, and while... Continue Reading
iTunes Losing as Majors Bridge Off
Frank Barnako is reporting that Major League Baseball (MLB) is leaving iTunes and that Disney may soon follow. The Wall Street Journal reports MLB's Advanced Media chief, Bob Bowman, was unhappy with Apple's (AAPL) uncooperative attitude when it came to... Continue Reading

Radio Tail Ripple: Podcast Stats Without Any Pain
Master Maq Launches Podcast Spot
List Week: Top 3 Podcast Search Services
The PodLounge Mobile
Microsoft Enters You Tube Arena
You Tube: The $1.5 Billion Dollar Chasm
Podsafe Music Network: Alice Cooper, James Brown, and More!
Libsyn Pro Live
Podango Speaks
GlooNet: Stream Your Own Stuff
Podshow Player: Ugh.
Talk Show: Flat Rate Payments I'm Starting to Get It
PodshowCreator Offering Secured Podcasts
Podango Station Owners Program
New Media School Not Working For Me.
Corporate Podcast Hosting Options
Buying Music from The Podsafe Music Network
Podcast Directory Roundup
More Moblicatching Sites Popping Up
Podscope: Eerily Effective
Cellcast: German Gabcast Clone
Cellcast: German Gabcast Clone
Podshow Censoring Reviews?
Mobilecatching in Canada: Conclusion
Mobilecatching in Canada Part III: Bell Mobility
Mobilecatching in Canada Part II: Rogers Communications
Mobilecatching in Canada Part I: TELUS Mobility
The State of Mobile Podcatching in Canada
Break Offering Wares as Videocasts
Alltel Corporation and Melodeo Present Mobilecatching.
Libsyn Going Pro
Satellite Radio: We Barely Knew Ye.
GoDaddy Podcast Hosting
Podtractor: Stats to Go
Gigabytes of Storage & Bandwidth, a Podcaster's Dream
Instant Podcast Services: Great for Hobbyists, Thumbs Down for Businesses
ClickCaster: Instant Podcast Service Review #6
WildVoice: Instant Podcast Service Review #5

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