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Libsyn Pro Live

I mentioned that Libsyn was going to offer a pro package about a month ago. Libyn Pro has now launched and is taking orders.

Arguably, or perhaps factually, Libsyn is the oldest podcast host that's still around from the early days. They survived by understanding what podcasters need and demonstrated that by refraining from bandwidth restrictions and developing an unique diskspace model.

The original Libsyn was a one-podcaster, one-account type of setup and that's still appropriate and available for indie podcasters. Libsyn Pro, however, is a one-account, multiple-podcast model. It was designed with academics, businesses, and NGOs in mind. Any organization that wants multiple podcasts that can be managed by individual groups or people, but a unified bill and statistics for all the shows is a good candidate (turnkey podcast networks, anyone?)

Libsyn Pro offers the tired old "99.9%" uptime guarantee. How many people have done the math and figured out that 99.99% uptime means 15 minutes per day, or 88 hours a year of downtime is acceptable under that service level agreement? Nothing against Libsyn, just askin' is all...

I can't help but feel that this is the next logical evolution of podcasting. As more organizations become involved in the space, this umbrella infrastructure only makes sense.

Via Podcasting News.

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How exactly is it "live"? It looks no different than what they had back in August. It is simply that they are taking orders now? I blogged about Libsyn Pro on August 4th (Libsyn Pro?).

Umm..yeah, Mack. The fact that they're taking orders is exaclty what makes them live.

That and the fact that they say so. Click on the Podcasting News link. All the info is there.

Thanks for stating the obvious there Jon. I guess I was asking if there's anything new. The website is the same as it was over a month ago! I just find it odd that there's such a gap between the website appearing and this announcement. Maybe their client podcasts are now live, who knows, that's what I was wondering.

I did read the article. Aside from some quotes, it doesn't provide any new information. Neither does the Libsyn Pro website.

Well you asked!


Yeah, you would think there would be a banner at least. I get the feeling this is a boutique thing and that's why there are no prices or online signups or antything. Just a contact form. I suppose we could just call them :)

Nah, that would be too easy :)

Hey Gents. Yes we are definitely live and pushing data through LibsynPro. We decided to go the email and phone call route because we were finding that oftentimes, important conversations needed to take place before ordering, and decisionmakers wanted a direct approach to handling that. Over time we will have a credit card entry system but for right now this seems to be working.

We do guarantee 99.99 but we are also pushing for an extra 9, with good reports on progress. The system is blazing and has remained fully functional since it was turned on, and we have some really happy customers.

Would be a pleasure to talk with you. Chris MacDonald at Libsyn.

Aw c'mon Chris. You make the whole thing too easy if you just stop by and *tell* us what's going on.

J/K - thanks for the confirmation :)

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