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Magnetictime MT-Podcast: Anyone?

As near as I can tell, Magnetictime's MT-Podcast application is a text-to-speech dealio. OK, got that so far. I can also stretch my brain a little bit and grudgingly accept that such a piece of software brought to bear on a blog may indeed produce what could be considered a podcast.

The part that I can't wrap my head around is this:

"MT-Podcast allows anybody to produce professional sounding podcasts without needing to hire actors or specialist speakers for this purpose. Traditional podcasting can be expensive and time consuming, as a high standard of podcast is aimed for. With MT-Podcast, the sound quality is consistently high with MagneticTime’s natural voice producing the podcast for the user and is completed in a time-effective manner."

I have to ask myself: "Self, how can a computer generated voice be considered a 'high standard of podcast'"?

Has anyone seen or heard this thing? Does is truly sound natural enough to replace a person? I'm thinking that's highly unlikely.

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