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Podcast Teasers and Monetization.
It's fairly common for big blogs to have two feeds: one that contains full articles along with ads, and one that only contains article summaries, but no ads.I find myself wondering today if such a thing can be done with...
Oct 9
How Much Media Can We Stand?
I ran across a very cool thought today on Salto Sobrius. Martin Rundkvist has just had a "Aha!" moment about podcasting and shares it on his blog. With podcasting and video-on-demand, you and I decide what we want to watch/hear,... Continue Reading
How Important is Podcast Transcription?
I read a blog entry today on e24 Transcription. Given the high amount of grammatical and style errors in the entry I certainly wouldn't consider them as a contender to transcribe my show, but the entry did serve to make... Continue Reading
Oct 8
More Bad News for Business Podcasts
I recently noticed that business podcasts don't seem to be a very popular genre in the podcasting space. I interact regularly with business podcasters and consultants and that makes it pretty easy to get myopic. lt's good to get out... Continue Reading
Oct 7
News: Not Suitable for Podcasting
While most of us agree that the true strength of podcasts lie in the niche - the ability to attract extremely targetted listener groups. The ability to do so not only (should) make podcast listeners attractive to advertisers, it can... Continue Reading
Oct 6
Why Would Google Buy You Tube?
There have been rumours about a You Tube acquisition and they're starting to reach "possibly, maybe, might be true" level. TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, and Todd Cochrane (heh...) are all talking about it.My feelings on You Tube is that it's... Continue Reading

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Podvertising on Blubrry
Why Does Someone Have to Die?
Podcast Directory Roundup
Godcasting Really Gaining Steam

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