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Barnako: Missing the Point
Frank Barnako has penned an entry entitled "Podcast awards? Who cares!" (sic).

In broad strokes, Barnako declares the People's Choice Podcast Awards invalid because only one of the winning shows also appears in iTunes top 100 most popular shows.

I scratched my head for a while and continued reading - looking for the stump jumper that would make me go "Aahhh!". Search as I might, it never appeared. Barnako actaully appears to have completely missed the point. Utterly.

What Frank missed that the subtitle of the awards - "the people's choice". Not iTunes choice. The whole point of the awards was to provide exposure to lesser known shows that have enough quality and content that "the people" not only listen to it, but are also passionate enough about the show to go out of their way to vote for it on the awards. 1.6 million people voted for 110 shows. That shounds like a pretty good group of people to me.

Frank normally makes a lot of sense, but I guess we can all have an off day.

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