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Travelocity Jumps on the Podwagon
Pete Lerma over at Clikz has penned an article taking about how he and his crew introduced Travelocity to podcast advertising. Lerma cites the relative newness of the medium and general advertiser reluctance as the reasons why podvertising is a good fit for Travelocity.

While I'm not sure why Lerma thinks Kiptronic is a podcast network, he mentions some very good points about how he sourced potential podcasts for his client:

  • Check out iTunes top podcasts in the category of interest
  • Listen to the shows to ensure there is some level of quality
  • Check out the show's site to see how it will impact the brand
Point #3 is important. We podcasters like to think that the show is the whole thing, but it's not. Our show blogs have an impact and it can be a good one or a bad one. Lerma brings up a very good point that potential advertisers are probably reluctant to deal with "one of" podcasters which can go maverick on them and damange the brand.

There are essentially two types of podcasters. Those of us who don't care if we ever make a cent from our shows, and the other kind. If you're looking at being a pro podcaster, then you'll have to brush up your image to attract the likes of Travelocity.
Paper? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Paper!
New author Brian Luff is set to publish his first book. What's different about this book is that it's only going to be offered as an audio download. Whether the proper name for an audio only book is still "book"... Continue Reading
Verio Web Host Adds Podcasting Support
The title kind of says it all. Verio is a web hosting service that has recently added podcasting support to its web hosting packages. This is a slightly different take than a company like Libsyn which provides hosting specifically for... Continue Reading
NPR Adds Podcasts
The NPR (Non Public Radio) folk began offering podcasts of shows from its member radio stations last summer. The response has been so overwhelming that NPR has just added more shows.The NPR gambled, and won, on the premise that content... Continue Reading
Business Week Podcasts
When pursuing the Welch Way podcast, I stumbled across something I didn't know about. Business Week has a decent series of podcasts. Who knew?The main list is here, but the particular podcast that I'm interest in is here. I have... Continue Reading
Real Business Podcasting
I'm listening to Jack and Suzy Welch. This husband and wife team produce the Welch Way. The Welch Way" features Jack & Suzy Welch's answers to readers' questions about business, managing, and careers. Drawing on Jack's experience as the legendary... Continue Reading
Domain Names and Podcasts
I typically listen to podcasts all day on Fridays. When you listen to 10 podcasts in a day, you tend to start to notice things they have in common. One thing that I've been noticing lately is that many podcast... Continue Reading
More Holland Cooke Data
I recently wrote an entry that linked to a Powerpoint presentation put together by Holland Cooke. While I appreciated the info in the report, I was a little hard on the HC website. Wait. No, I wasn't, but my comments... Continue Reading
My Favourite Haunts
Perhaps the time has come to share with you come of my favourite haunts on the Internet. Perhaps not, but here they are anyhow. Some of these are relevant to business podcasting and some are not. They're all great... Continue Reading
How to Pick a Topic Tip #5
How to Pick a Topic Tip #5 Frequency It's a known fact that podcasts produced on a predictable basis enjoy a steadier listenership than podcasts that have sporadic gaps between episodes. This tip ties in with longevity, but takes it... Continue Reading
How to Pick a Topic Tip #4
How to Pick a Topic #4Other PodcastersUnless you've managed to nail a topic that absolutely nobody else is podcasting about, you should consider who they are, what they're doing, and how you can use them.Who Are They?It's not uncommon for... Continue Reading
How to Pick a Topic Tip #3
How to Pick a Topic Tip #3InterestIf you're a doctor, lawyer, or exotic dancer then your choice of topic ic probably quite obvious. But what about the rest of us who's area of expertise may not be so obvious?If you're... Continue Reading
How to Pick a Topic Tip #2
How to Pick a Topic Tip #2Before you launch into a topic search, you have a broad decision to make. You can choose to be a small fish in a big pond, or a big fish in a small pond.Small... Continue Reading
Topic Selection Tip #1
I've decided to do Tip Day. Yup, all five entries today will tips on a given topic. To kick it off, I'm going to talk about how to pick a topic for your podcast. If you're a business podcaster then... Continue Reading
MacJournal 4 Fails to Amaze
MacJournal 4 was recently released with podcasting support. This is great news, except that many reviewers don't think much of how it was implemented.Not being a Mac user, I don't have any experience with MacJournal, but as near as I... Continue Reading
How Much Time do we Have?
It takes quite a bit of watching and collecting in order to have enough information to post on BizPodcasting as much as I do. One of the common themes that keeps popping up is the growing use of podcasting in... Continue Reading
Podcast Day 2006
Looks like I just missed the Podcastday 2006 expo in Cologne. Damn, when is Know More Media going to finance a junket for me to a podcasting expo? Almost all of the expos and conferences that I've come across recently... Continue Reading
Podcasts Instead of Lectures
A senior professor at Bradford University in the UK has decided to stop holding lectures and product podcasts instead. On an intellectual level, this makes sense, but at an emotional level it may seem strange.Here's how it works: Dr. Ashraf... Continue Reading
Podcast 411
I've tried to avoid mentioining specific podcasts unless they're really relevant to the topic. I'm not adverse to giving out publicity, but there are so many shows out there that mentioning the shows I listen to becomes a very slippery... Continue Reading
No Podcasting for Windows Media 11
In another strange move, Windows Media Player 11 has no podcast support. Microsoft doesn't do anything without thinking about it, so what could the possible reason be for this lack of support?Other than MSN Spaces, MS is pretty much ignoring... Continue Reading
Monetizing Podcast Tips
Leesa  Barnes over at Podonomics recently wrote an entry about the OMDC's attempt to podcast the conference. Leesa's observations about what the OMDC did well and poorly is worth reading. Actually, I would say that the list of things they... Continue Reading
Ricky Gervais Wins Wired Rave Award
Wired's annual salute to the revolutionaries that are changing the face of the technoscape has bestowed an award on Ricky Gervais.Gervais' podcast has been somewhat controversial as earlier this year it became one of (perhaps the only?) pay-per-listen podcast. Nobody... Continue Reading
Share Your OPML: My Thoughts Audio File
My audio thoughts on Share Your OPML. Click to listen. (2.2MB, 7 mins)... Continue Reading
This is more of a news oddity than anything specifically to do with podcasting. It's good to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, though.iDon't is a nasty little marketing campaign aimed solidly at the Apple iPod. The... Continue Reading
Broadcast Your Podcast
It would be nice to bridge that gap between podcasting and radio, wouldn't it? Sure, Sirius radio and KYOU in San Francisco are doing it, but what if you could do it yourself?I don't know if this is a hoax... Continue Reading
When Good Interviews Go Bad
Sully Erna, front man for the popular metal band Godsmack, recently got his butt kicked by Jay Babcock from Arthur Magazine. The interview was for a print piece and not a podcast, but it went so badly, so quickly, that... Continue Reading
Apple Pushing Podcast on the Kids
I tell ya, love 'em or hate 'em, Apple is firmly in the driver's seat of the podcast adoption bus. While many services and manufacturers out there are focussing on what to do with podcasts once they're been created, Apple... Continue Reading
Three Listeners. Good or Bad?
I wrote an entry a while ago about why I think podcast advertising should be worth more than main stream media advertising. Without rewriting the entry, my basic premise is that although podcast audiences are typically smaller than, say radio... Continue Reading
More Niche Information - Genealogy Podcasts
If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: the true value of citizen media is the ability to bring hitherto unprofitable niche information to market. Genealogy is a prime example of a niche market. For reasons which... Continue Reading
Transitcasts Hit London
Transitcast - I just made that up. I like it. Add it to the list!Starting this week, commuters in London can turn on their phone's Bluetooth receiver and download a 5-minute CityAM podcast to listen to on their ride. There's... Continue Reading
What Shouldn't You Say on a Podcast?
This is a lesson that most of us have already learned from email. We've all heard the old rule that email is forever. Anything you write in an email is, for all intents and purposes, written in indelible ink. It's... Continue Reading
The 100-Word Stories Podcast
From the list of the bizarre I give you the 100-Word Stories Podcast. I know, I know - it's hard to figure out what such a podcast could be about. Fear not, I will explain it to you. Lawrence Simon... Continue Reading
Women in Podcasting
I recently read a study that showed most podcasters were males between 30-45 (guilty!) by a vast majority. Males overwhelmingly dominate the podcast-host market, but there are certainly women doing it.Where are they all, you ask? They're right here on... Continue Reading
Snake Oil
I've started a new category on Biz Podcasting today. It's called "Snake Oil" and I've introduced it to indentify the companies and people that are purporting to be podcasting experts or providers of "required" equipment and services to podcasters.I've written... Continue Reading
Podcasting Used in Insurance Industry
I'm happy to report another "in the wild" siting of a corporporate podcast. This time it's the Mass Mutual Insurance company providing training podcasts to its salesforce.Jim Berkowitz reports that MassMutual's National Center for Professional Development (NCPD), a unit at... Continue Reading
Comparing Blogs and Podcasts
Aaron Brazell, of Technosailor fame, is participating in an Alternablog series on Pro Blogger. The Alternablog series deals with alternatives to blogging.While I don't see podcasts as a type of blogging, there's a fair number of people out there that... Continue Reading
PodOmatic: Podcast Hosting and Much More
podOmatic is a podcast host with a difference. They go much farther than just hosting and provide a complete set of online recording tools, promotion tools, and statistics. It's the statistics thing that I find interesting.In its statistic package, podOmatic... Continue Reading
Podcast Activism
It seems a no-brainer that citizen media would eventually be used to citizen concerns, but until now I haven't seen it done.That all changes with the advent of the Stop Rokkasho podcast. Produced by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, the podcast is... Continue Reading
Podcast Ready for Mac
You may recall that Podcast Ready is a device-side podcatcher for (up until now) Windows. Well, no more!I recently received an email from Russell Holliman from Podcast Ready.The application is written in java, and in the version that you can... Continue Reading
Playing With Pluggd
I wrote about Pluggd a couple of days ago. Pluggd is the next podcast directory/subscription/sharing site to come to the net. It's not open yet, but I received a beta invite to check it out.My first though was "Wow, they... Continue Reading
Five Step Podcasting Tutorial
How is it that I just wrote an entry about a 3-step video casting tutorial and now I'm writing about a 5-step podcasting tutorial? Isn't videocasting supposed to be harder than podcasting?In any event, some unknown author at Digital Podcasting... Continue Reading
Look Who's Podcasting Now
Next on the list of podcasts I stumbled across during my travels... Pixar Torys Law Firm Discovery Channel Marvel... Continue Reading
Podcast Tipping Point
Loosely defined, the tipping point of any new technology is when the technology starts to appear in mainstrean use. MP3 players became mainstream when people started wearing them to work and on the bus. Blogging became mainstream when huge companies... Continue Reading
Shorter Feed URLs
Some nameless author over at Digital Podcast (I can't believe how many people don't have their names under their articles...weird) has written a little tutorial on shortening web addresses. This may seem arcane to some, but Mr. Nameless has a... Continue Reading
Video Podcasting HowTo
While I think that audio podcasts will always be more popular than video casts, there are some areas where videocasting is a better choice of delivery. Business is one area in particular where video casting might be a better choice... Continue Reading
Canadian Podcasting Survey Underway
Wow, someone is actually paying attention to the 30-million of us shivering up here above the American border. It seems that two Toronto-based marketing firms have joined forces and put an online survey together to get a grip on podcasting... Continue Reading
Podcasting 101 Popping Up All Over
My soon-to-be-sister-in-law recently attended some kind of conference on post-secondary education. One of the offerings was a podcasting intro. I'm always pleased when I see podcasting offered in what I would consider an old institution and it seems that the... Continue Reading
Textcasts? We Have to Draw the Line Somewhere!
And from the ridiculous files I bring you 'textcasts'. Yup, you heard me right. Slate has reinvented email and called it 'textcasting'.I'm all for innovation. There's a part of me that likes all the crazy 'casting' stuff that's being invented... Continue Reading
My Three Legged Dog Vindicated!
I've always been of the opinion that podcast advertising is more targetted than main stream media (MSM). The number of listeners of a given show is typically smaller in the podcast world than the radio world, certainly, but they tend... Continue Reading
Citizen Media in Singapore Elections
While this entry mostly deals with blogs, it paints an interesting picture how citizen media can do a pretty decent job of covering live events and capturing public opinion.Kevin Lim over at Theory .isthereason has a link to a You... Continue Reading
My Thoughts on Device-Side Podcatchers
I recently wrote about Podcast Ready, which is a device-side podcatcher a while ago. Initially I wasn't to thrilled about the idea of my MP3 player having intelligence on it, but I've played with Podcast Ready's MyPodder application a bit... Continue Reading
Kiptronic Paving Podvertising Way
I interviewed Jonathan Cobb from Kiptronic a while ago and I learned a lot about the Kiptronic system. There are two basic models for putting ads in podcasts right now: The podcaster does it manually There is some server level... Continue Reading
Podcast Votes - Who Cares?
Not me, that's for sure. Most podcast directories out there offer some kind of ranking system for their shows. In some cases, listeners and other users get to vote on their favourite shows. Is this a more fairer way than... Continue Reading
I'm not sure why Skypecasting is all over the news these days. Podcasters have been using Skype forever to record interviews or have remote co-hosts on the show, but for some reason now that it has a name, Skypecasting is...
How Are You Reaching Your Customers?
Whenever I read anything about the benefits of podcasting I will inevitably hear some variation of the phrase 'direct communication with the listeners'. That's nice, but what does it mean? I fully understand the concept in blogging. When I write... Continue Reading
The Sesame Street Survey
My, my, what a nasty little title. I'm still waiting for my first cup of coffee this morning. Jacbo's Media has published a survey that they performed in February surrounding MP3 player usage, listeners habits, and podcasting. The survey is... Continue Reading
What Does the Word "Podcast" mean?
I've heard exactly two possible explanations for the creation of the world 'podcast'. Until now. It's a compound word combining iPod and broadcast "Personal-On-Demand Cast" Lee Gibbons over at Podango adds some more to the mix. He's specifically answering the... Continue Reading
More Museums Podcasting
I noted before that the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is using podcasts to provide audio tours for patrons. I'm pretty sure that renting an MP3 player and listening to an audio tour fails one of the basic tests of... Continue Reading
Why Podcasting Killed Webcasting
The concept of webcasting has been around for a long time, but it's never achieved any kind of critical mass. I think that there are two reasons for this. Webcasts are a massively huge PITA to make. I dabbled in... Continue Reading
Podlook just released some interesting stats on the Chinese podcasting scene. I'm not going to regurgitate the entire liste here. There's enough people in the blogosphere doing that. But I do want to talk about two of the more interesting... Continue Reading
Podcasting Tools and Directories
Podcast Buzz has put together a list of podcasting tools, directories, and tutorials. The author doesn't seem to really have a grip on podcasting because there are several glaring omissions and placement errors, but  If you're just getting into podcasting... Continue Reading
Podcast Generator v 0.8 Out
Maybe I'll turn Thursday's into 'release days' and round up all the great podware that's been released in the last week.I've played with Podcast Generator before, but haven't stuck with it. Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because... Continue Reading
Podcast Potion Maker
I've been long convinced that many products are successful based solely on their name. I'm not making any such statements about Podcast Potion Maker's Podcast Factory, but I love the name.It's for Mac only which is mystifying. I'm not sure... Continue Reading
Podcast & Portable Media Expo Schedule
The Podcasting and Portable Media Expo is coming up in September and the list of topics and speakers has been announced. While the list looks pretty good, I think there's one topic that's missing. Podcasting 101 - A to Z... Continue Reading
What's More Valuable? Podvertising or MSM Advertising?
When people start to talk about something new, they necessarily take what they know about something similar into the conversation. If they didn't, there would be no starting point. Sound confusing? Hang tight.I'm specifically talking about podvertising here. There's a... Continue Reading
Godcasting Takes Hold
There really is no end to the potential uses of podcasting. While the industry itself might be undergoing some hype, the potential is a fact. Even churches are doing it. I'm sure there is more than one church offering sermons... Continue Reading
GCap Takes on the BBC
GCap, a London radio station, has just leapt into the podcasting market. Up until this point, I believe the BBC was the only main stream media (MSM) outlet in the UK that was into podcasting, and GCap aims to end... Continue Reading
Is Time-Shifting Important?
When it's all said and done, there are basically two things that make a podcast a podcast: it can be subscribed to via an RSS feed and it's time-shifted, which is some braniak's phrase for 'pre-recorded'. The question is:... Continue Reading
How to Build a Business Case for Podcasting
You may find that you're the only person in your organization that thinks podcasting is worth throwing any money at. Accepted marketing practises such as flyers have a known effect and are easy to get a budget for. Not so... Continue Reading
Snake Oil Crossing.
I don't make any secret of how I feel about the so-called podcasting production suites, or podcast-ready microphones. They're all snake-oil. All of them. We're somewhere around our 60th show and I think we may have spent $100 in total... Continue Reading
Podcasting Comes to Palm
Quick News for Palm OS is a news aggregator. Not such a big deal until I found out that the newest version contains support for media enclosures. Yup - Quick News is a Palm OS podcatcher now. It automatically downloads... Continue Reading
Looks Who's Podcasting Now
And for my next installment: George Bush LOST Massachusetts DUI Podcast Do you think George W knows he's being podcasted? Didn't het just get picked up for ripping Beatles music onto his iPod?... Continue Reading
Pluggd - The Next Big Thing (tm)
Is there a shortage of consonants that I'm unaware of? In the last 24 hours I've written about Transcribr, Flickr, and now Pluggd. Honestly. Pluggd sounds cool though. It's hard to tell exactly what it is because it's in pre-launch... Continue Reading
University of Wisconsin Offers Podcasting Rewards
Knowing that their target potential student is a 17 year old who spend 3 hours a day engrossed in digital media, the UofW is encouraging their instructors to come up with ways to integrate podcasting into the curriculum with awards... Continue Reading
Google Trends
Google recently (ok, a week or so ago by the time this entry goes live) launched Trends which is a tool view historical search data. While Trends certainly isn't a podcasting tool, it has a lot of interesting uses. A... Continue Reading
Podonomics = (n.) The study of the production, distribution and consumption of podcasting with the management of marketing budgets. It's official. Podcasting has it's own marketing/executive/corporate buzz word. Leesa Barnes (another Canuck, wOOt!) writes the Podonomics blog which deals with... Continue Reading
More Podcast Transcription
I hadn't even heard of podcast transcription until last week when I uncovered CastingWords. To make matters ever weirder, I just wrote an entry on Jon Udell's experiences with CastingWords and now I've just run across a similar service named... Continue Reading
CastingWords Put to the Test
I recently wrote about CastingWords which is Nathan McFarland's podcast transcription service. Jon Udell recently put CastingWords to the test when he used it to transcribe McFarland's own podcast and then edited the transcript. The transcript weighed in at 5600... Continue Reading
The Difference Between Audio Data Compression and Audio Level Compression
This month's Podcast User Magazine has a great article on audio compression. I'll admit that while I have a pretty good grip on things like sample rate and bit rate, things like audio level compression are somewhat foreign to me.... Continue Reading
The Canadian Podcast Empire
Podcast Empire claims to be the largest podcast directory in Canada. As a Canadian I have no problem believing that because...well...we don't really have another Canadian podcast directory, do we? I took a run through the site and it's pretty... Continue Reading
Microsoft Shares Podcasting Tips
While Microsoft doesn't produce any podcast-specific tools, they sure want you to think of their product when you consider how to create your podcast. As near as I can tell, they want you to record into your Pocket PC and... Continue Reading
Podcasters: Beware Scummy Advertisers
Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central (and the Tech Podcast Network) sent out a warning to all podcasters last week: beware questionable advertisers. Recently I had a firm approach me to find podcasts to run gambling advertising spots on podcast.... Continue Reading
Holland Cooke's Take on Poodcasting
Holland Cooke has quite possibly the most amateurish website I've seen and buried within that website is a Power Point presentation on podcasting that's equally garish. If you can get past the lounge-singer flashy things and glitzy fonts, though -... Continue Reading
Ask a Ninja: What is Podcating?
Since I'm a podcaster, about 20 of my friends have sent me this video. Ask a Ninja is a video blog (I guess) where a ninja answers viewer questions. Someone finally asked the Ninja what podcasting was, and here's his... Continue Reading
Cut To The Core: Educational Podcasts
In their never-ending quest to redefine the end-user experience, Apple is offering a series of education-related podcasts. Cut to the Core is brought to you by Apple Distinguished Educators from around the world. This podcast showcases current trends, innovative strategies,... Continue Reading
Waxxi: Participatory Podcasting
What are you doing May 20th? Why not give Robert Scoble or Shel Israel a call during the Waxxi inaugural podcast? Scoble and Israel are probably best known as the co-authors of Naked Conversations - a book about how blogging... Continue Reading
Speed Listening
I've heard of this before, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. There's a school of thought out there that speeding up the playback of podcasts results in more 'listening time' during the day. Mathematically, I suppose it's... Continue Reading
Gcast - No Computer Needed
One of the newer entries into the podcast-creation space is Gcast. With Gcast, you don't even need a computer to create a podcast - you can do it all by phone. Not that anyone would want to. Initially, I... Continue Reading
Beginner's Guide to Podcasts (and Podcasting)
Forever Geek has posted a pretty big guide on podcasting and podcast production. I enjoyed reading it and I got a great buzz word out of it. I've been trying to figure out a good way to describe the citizen... Continue Reading
The State of British Podcasting
I stole the title from Neville Hobson who penned an entry of the same title on his blog. I mentioned in one entry earlier that every podcaster I talk to seems to be either Australian or British and Neville sheds... Continue Reading
Request Your Own Content
What about a podcast that was driven by listener requests? Neat idea and while I think all podcasters take requests to some extent, I wonder if an entire show could be built upon it. Scott Johnson over at Fuzzy Blog... Continue Reading
Gibberish Didn't Work Then...
...and it won't work now. Citizen media, be it podcasting or blogging, is about media that is being 'consumed' by the same people who are creating it. It's about untainted content that doesn't have the stink of main stream media... Continue Reading
Podcasting Makes the Front Page
I've noticed that whenever I speak to another podcaster, they almost always have either a British or an Australian accent. I don't know what the statistics are, but anecdotally I'd say that most podcasters aren't North American. I guess it... Continue Reading
Orange Radio Offering Podcasts
This probably isn't news to anyone in the know, but I'm not a gamer and hadn't even heard of Orange Radio before today.Orange Lounge Radio is an internet radio station dedicated to video games & the gamer lifestyle. We also... Continue Reading
My Three-Legged Dog
Podvertising spots should be worth more than MSM (main stream media) spots. You know why? My three-legged dog sweater business.If I make sweaters for three-legged dogs, where in MSM am I going to advertise those sweaters? A dog magazine with... Continue Reading
What is Fair Use?
I'm sure the title of this post has all the legal beagles paying attention, but sadly - I'm probably not going to talk about what you think I'm going to talk about. I think that most people will agree that... Continue Reading
Businesses Need to Drive Podcast Adoption
Sean Carton over at Publish has a pretty decent article on why podcasting is taking so long to hit critical mass. Carlton opines that while technology changes quickly, people change slowly but businesses and people do things for different reasons.... Continue Reading
Middle East Podcast Portal
This one surprised me. I've spent some time in Dubai when I was in the navy, and while it was one of the most beautiful and hospitable places I've ever been, I didn't get the sense that it was a... Continue Reading
Medium Sized Firms Late Adopters.
I'll agree that there are not a whole truckload of businesses podcasting yet, but every day I find a few more. Each time I find one, they seem to fall into one of two categories: big businesses or smaller businesses.... Continue Reading
May 9
Investors Want Podcasts
Sometimes businesses don't have to rack their brains about whether podcasting is a viable technology or how to use it. Sometimes the customer just asks for it. Such is the case with a growing group of financial investors. Investors.com has... Continue Reading
Podfade or Profits?
In keeping with renaming everything podcasting with at least one instance of the phrase 'pod' in it, podfade refers to a show simply fading away into nothingness. There's a great article over on Frank Barnako has a great blog entry... Continue Reading
RFID Podcasts
Printronix has launched a series of podcasts designed to inform customers and potential customers about RFID technology and implementation. This is a prime example of using podcasts to not only educate consumers, but to promote your own products. Goodwill advertising... Continue Reading
Podcast Transcription.
One of the more arduous tasks of podcasting is creating the show notes that go with each show. Without text show notes, there's very little chance that search engines are going to be able to point people to your shows... Continue Reading
Mobile Podcasting.
There's a few mobile entries on the market that will podcatch like the Motorola ROKR, but not very many (any?) that will podcast. Nokia has released the S60 that contains a podcatcher. Big deal, right? Well Steven Stewart, Nokia Podcasting... Continue Reading
"Inidi" Podcasts
India has hopped on the podcasting bandwagon and there are at least two podcasts coming from the mysterious east right now.The Inidcast and Podmasti are both produced by Indian citizens and are apprently doing pretty well. One show has 300+... Continue Reading
May 8
Jon Watson Speaks on Podcasting.
OK, so I'm Jon Watson. So what? I still spoke on podcasting! I spoke this weekend at the Calgary Linux USer Group's Linuxfest on the subject of podcasting with Free and Open Source tools. About 1/3 of the information in... Continue Reading
Podcast Ready Now in the Wild.
A couple of week's ago I wrote about the new device-side podcatcher, Podcast Ready. Back then it was just an idea, but now it's real. Podcast Ready and mobiBLU have announced the launch of what they are calling the "first... Continue Reading
More Sideline Money in Podcasting
I should start a category just for people who aren't podcasting, but trying to make money supporting us peasants show are. The next entry in the list is Get Going Training which has put together a Garage Band video... Continue Reading
Collectik - Make Your Own Feed
In true Web 2.0 fashion, there are more and more podcast sharing sites popping up. To date most have involved simply sharing a list of favourite podcasts with other listeners, but Collektik takes it to the next level. Collektik is... Continue Reading
Cool Ideas: One Minute Howto
There's a couple of podcasts out there that are literally just a couple of seconds or minutes long. I wasn't too sure how these short shows would turn out, but they're proving to be quite popular. Geroge Smyth's One Minute... Continue Reading
Using Podcasts to Demonstrate
Granted, this type of thing is only going to work with audio stuff, but using podcasts to demonstrate something is really powerful. A prime candidate for this type of demonstration is VoIP. While many podcasters use VoIP solutions such as... Continue Reading
May 7
Podcasting in Education
I think that we can all intellectually understand that podcasting may be a good medium to use for educating people, but sometimes the actual details can be hard to nail down. Darwin Diebel (another Canuck wOOt!) has put together a... Continue Reading
Business Uses for Podcasts
I wish people would put their real names on the blogs. Honestly - I got this information from a blog called Mastermaq and while I think the information is good, it kind of kills the credibility when I have to... Continue Reading
May 6
First Podcaster Record Deal
I stand corrected when I say that the only people making money from podcasting aren't podcasters. John Romano's Best of Los Angeles music podcast has been picked up by Avant Garde a Clue record company and will be producing a... Continue Reading
MP3 Blogs vs Podcasts
From the "are we on the same page" category... Every now and again I run across the phrase MP3 Blog. My initial thought is always that I think the person using that phrase has no idea what they're talking about.... Continue Reading
Podcast 411
Podcast 411 is a weekly podcast that's been around for a while now and it's really a great community resource. Rob has been producing the show for quite a while now and he almost exlusively talks to other podcasters.... Continue Reading
May 5
Soundseeing Gone Wrong
Acutally, I think I might need to create a humour category for stuff like this. Sound of the Day podcast is a daily podcast by Steve Fish. The podcast is just a couple of seconds long and contains only a... Continue Reading
PodHive: Podcasting Wiki
One of the newer entries into the podcast sidelines is PodHive. PodHive is a collaborative wiki which containing information on podcast hardware, software, hosts, and other podcast-related services and tools. For the uninitiated, a wiki is a a website that... Continue Reading
Of Walkmans and iPods
Melody Tan over at Aussie Adventures notes yesterday that it took Sony 10 tears to sell 50 million Sony Walkmans. It only took Apple 4.5 years to sell that many iPods. Part of this discrepancy can certainly be attributed to... Continue Reading
CBC Radio Offers Podcasts
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a largely government funded coast-to-coast radio (and tv) station in Canada, has been offering a few of its show as podcasts for a while now. However, they've just recently announced that they're upping the ante... Continue Reading
Linked Media: New Audiences
Linked Media looks like they're about to throw open the doors although I'm really not sure what they're opening them to. It seems as though Linked Media has already grown tired of the 'traditional' way in which podcasts are being... Continue Reading
Women's International Podcasting Expo
The next 'virtual' expo to take place is the Women's International Podcasting Expo. There's already been one of these online expo things this year and reaction to it was mized. The Women's International Podcasting Expo is now accepting applications for... Continue Reading
May 4
Podcast Directory Roundup Updated.
I've added the following sites to the Podcast Directory Roundup page: BlastPodcast All Podcasts Podcasting Station Podcast Host GigaDial PotKast Podfeeder Podfeed Podscope iPodderX Podcast ShuffleAnd I've started a contributors section at the end of the list to recognize people... Continue Reading
Training 'Casts
One of the great things about watching a new medium grow is the possibilities that people entering the arena being to the table. One of the more innovative ideas I’ve heard so far in the podcasting sp... Continue Reading
Allll Abroad: Podcasting Legal Guide
It seems that the new black is podcasting legal issues. Just a few days ago, the Creative Commons people released a Podcasting Legal Guide , and today Cyber Journalist did the same. Continue Reading
PR Newswire to Offer Podcasts
BL Ochman is reporting that PR Newsire, an independent promotion site for professional journalists, will start of offer podcasts in the near future. PR Newswire is the global leader in news a... Continue Reading
May 3
If you’re going to record a telephone conversation for a podcast (or any other reason, I guess), there are two main contenders to do so: Skype and Gizmo . Sure there are hardware solutions out there,...
Soundseeing: Vintage Radio Reborn
I think one of the main reasons that talk radio all but died out is that it wasn't terribly interesting to a large segment of the population, television introduced intense competition, and traditional radio scheduling - by its very being... Continue Reading
The Pollution of the Language
I'm speaking this coming Saturday at the Calgary Linux User Group's Linuxfest. The topic? You guessed it - Podcasting (with Linux tools). While putting my notes together for my talk, I spent a few minutes reaching back in my mind... Continue Reading
May 2
Podcast Directory Roundup
This is going to be an ongoing, living document tallying the podcast directories out there. I'm also going to start a comprehensive list of podcast hosts and networks which I'll link to from here when I've started them. This is... Continue Reading
BeOS BePodder
Wonder or wonders. BeOS actually has a podcatcher now. Continue Reading
Look Who's Podcasting Now
I’ve lost track of what part of this series this entry is so let’s just stop the silly numbering right now. Continue Reading
Sony Sued for Music Downloads
There are a lot of would-be podcasters out there that are full of great ideas, but have yet to turn on a microphone and make any noise. A fair number of these silentcasters are so because what they re... Continue Reading
ID3 Magazine Closes the Online Doors
OK, this is just weird. I just wrote about ID3 Magazine and a poll on their website yesterday. My podcasting Google alert just came in (hey, how do you think I keep up with all this stuff?) and lo' and... Continue Reading
More Sideline Ways to Make Money Podcasting
I think everyone knows by now that I'm fascinating with the throes and turns that the podcast advertising model is undergoing. Or perhaps, the throes and turns that the lack of a podcast advertising model is causing the industry.... Continue Reading
May 1
'Pushing the Feed' Part Two.
In part one of Pushing the Feed, I attempt to explain exactly what a feed is and why someone might want to use one to read a blog. I also mention the non-optional nature of a feed for a podcast, as we... Continue Reading
Pushing The Feed
I noticed today that I keep using the term “push your feed through Feedburner” and I just kind of assume that everyone knows what I’m talking about. Well – I’m probably wrong. There’s probably a lot o... Continue Reading
Podcast User Magazine
Not that I'm trying to do a run on magazines or anything, but I took a gander at Podcast User Magazine today. Unlike ID3 Magazine, Podcast User is a downloadable PDF magazine rather than actual print media.I like this type... Continue Reading
Tech Podcast Live Round Table
I started my podcasting career on The Podcast Network . I’ve since gone independent with my own JaK Attack! podcast, but since I started with The Podcast Network, I never really looked at any of the o... Continue Reading

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