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Google Trends

Google recently (ok, a week or so ago by the time this entry goes live) launched Trends which is a tool view historical search data.

While Trends certainly isn't a podcasting tool, it has a lot of interesting uses. A search for 'podcasting', specifically, reveals much what you would expect.


What's even cooler though, is the search for 'podcast'.


Notice how the search for 'podcasting' peaked in the middle of last year and is kind of levelling off while the search for 'podcast' keeps climbing. Clearly the listener aspect of podcasts is climbing (that's what I get out of the 'podcast' trend), but what's with the 'podcasting' trend?

I take searches for 'podcasting' to mean the search for information on creating podcasts. Assuming that's correct, then what does this drop in interest mean? Less people are interested in creating podcasts or the applications available to do so have become so mature and easy to use that people don't have to spend a lot of time looking for instructions?

Or perhaps something else I've missed altogether.

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