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Podonomics = (n.) The study of the production, distribution and consumption of podcasting with the management of marketing budgets.

It's official. Podcasting has it's own marketing/executive/corporate buzz word. Leesa Barnes (another Canuck, wOOt!) writes the Podonomics blog which deals with optimizing podcasts for 'corporate use', if you will.

In on particular article, Leesa gives some advice about how corporations should encourage social media on their own turf in order to study and make use of the results.

You see, it's better to be in control of social media, than to ignore it. I'm not saying that you control the content. Instead, you can study it, learn from it so you can improve your products, clean up your customer service and deal with customer complaints in a timely manner.

Great advice. Leesa: added to my aggregator.

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So cool to run across your blog and your post about Podonomics. I'm starting to ruffle a few feathers with my unapologetically critical look at how people are using podcasting (or ignoring it altogether). So, maybe you and I can ruffle some feathers together? Virtually speaking, of course.

Ruffling is what I do best. I try to keep this blog fairly professional, but I've been known to step of a few toes :)

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