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Oct 9
Podzinger Slapping in the Ads
Podzinger has opened the doors on its audio and video advertising service. Like Kiptronic, Fruitcast, and a number of other players in the podvertising space, Podzinger will use some space age technology to match up advertisements and show content and then tack ads on the beginning of show.

Podcasters have to sign up for the free service in order to take advantage of it.

My take? Well, I don't have a take yet. I've played with the Fruitcasts and Kiptronics of the world and found them all to be lacking so far. I interviewed Jonathan Cobb from Kiptronic a while ago and was so fired up with their Apache module that would allow me to use their service without switching hosts that I signed up and tried it out. It didn't work and repeated requests for support went unanswered. Fruitcast didn't fare much better in the early days because their server infrastructure was completely underpowered for what they were trying to do. Since the Fruitcast system requires Fruitcast to become your podcast host, that was a total deal breaker for me. That was a long time ago, though, and perhaps things are different now.

You know what would be cool? Ads in search audio and video search results. Now that would be the bomb.

Anyone have any faith in the "slap an ad in it" podvertising services?

Via cNet.

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