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Business Week Podcasts

When pursuing the Welch Way podcast, I stumbled across something I didn't know about. Business Week has a decent series of podcasts. Who knew?

The main list is here, but the particular podcast that I'm interest in is here.

I have to admit that when corporate podcasts came on the scene I was a little skeptical of it because I thought that podcasts should reside firmly in the citizen-generate space. After listening to quite a few corporate podcasts from different sources, however, I have to say that I'm starting to like a lot of them.

This signals the beginning of the identification of which part of podcasting is really driving this thing. What I'm finding is that I actually like a lot of Main Stream Media content. The reason I stopped listening and watching it was because of the schedule. I simply didn't have time to sit back at specified times each day or week so I just didn't. For me, anyhow, it's turning out that the main attraction for podcasts is the time-shifting. I like a lot of the content, and now that I can get it when I want it, I'm starting to listen to it again.

That's a revelation for me. I always considered myself a citizen-media crusader, but perhaps that's not what is really driving my passion.

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