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Textcasts? We Have to Draw the Line Somewhere!
And from the ridiculous files I bring you 'textcasts'. Yup, you heard me right. Slate has reinvented email and called it 'textcasting'.

I'm all for innovation. There's a part of me that likes all the crazy 'casting' stuff that's being invented and tried out, but there's another part of me that likes to look at things critically. Textcasting is definitely something that I'm looking at critically.

Here's the deal: Slate will download a 15-minute silent audio file that contains the day's headlines in the description field.

Seriously, this idea takes the worst parts of videocasting and podcasting and marries them together into...I don't know what.

The problem with videocasts is that viewers can't multi-task while watching them. Users must stop and stare at the screen. Podcasts are much better at being background noise than videocasts are. The other annoying thing about videocasts is the small screens on most players. Not only do I have to stare at the video with almost 100% of my attention, but I have to squint at it as well. See where I'm going? What could possibly be worse that delivering text to me that I have to pay all my attention to in order to read it on my little tiny screen?

Never mind that mailing lists and portable emai clients have been on the market for ages. If I want my news delivered to me I'll get it in a format I can actually use, thanks.

I can't see a single positive point about this idea. Anyone?

Via Podcasting News

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