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May 3
Soundseeing: Vintage Radio Reborn
I think one of the main reasons that talk radio all but died out is that it wasn't terribly interesting to a large segment of the population, television introduced intense competition, and traditional radio scheduling - by its very being - limits the audience. Podcasting has removed the scheduling limitation, and since there's no competition for schedule, any and all topics are fair game.

One of the odder things that podcasting has created is the concept of sound-seeing. So far, sound seeing podcasts generally take the form of someone talking while they take a walk or a drive and describe their surroundings. Sight-seeing, but audio only.

While I regard sound-seeing as campy and not all that interesting, there's a growing audience for it. I wonder what potential businesses uses there are for sound-seeing. I suppose in some sense many businesses are already doing this type of thing. I'm thinking mostly of the audio tours that you can rent headphones for in museums and the like.

I see that there is some potential with blind people, are there other businesses that could make use of a sound-seeing podcast rather than a 'traditional' scripted podcast?

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» Soundseeing Gone Wrong from BizPodcasting
Acutally, I think I might need to create a humour category for stuff like this. Sound of the Day podcast is a daily podcast by Steve Fish. The podcast is just a couple of seconds long and contains only a... [Read More]

Great article... i have been doing soundseeing tours for a while now and they are a lot of fun to do. They do have a very limited audience but they really like the stuff. Soundseeing can be done really well or very bad and it takes time to get it all right. To check out some good ones you can visit my page, it has the best soundseeing tours around.

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