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Transitcasts Hit London
Transitcast - I just made that up. I like it. Add it to the list!

Starting this week, commuters in London can turn on their phone's Bluetooth receiver and download a 5-minute CityAM podcast to listen to on their ride. There's only two tube stations involved right now, Waterloo and Liverpool, but I imagine that will spread.

The system apparently will have the capacity to provide 150 simultaneous downloads. I don't know how how many people are in a tube station at any given time, but I'm willing to bet my next paycheque that it's in the tens of thousands. And in the UK you can bet that most of them have mobile phones so I don't know how well that capacity is going to stand up.

This is an interesting twist because not only can people listen to podcasts while on the road, they can also download them while on the road. Now that's different!

Via Podasting News

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