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Gibberish Didn't Work Then...

...and it won't work now.

Citizen media, be it podcasting or blogging, is about media that is being 'consumed' by the same people who are creating it. It's about untainted content that doesn't have the stink of main stream media (MSM) on it.

That's a little dramatic and I only believe half of it, but the point is that many corporations who quite correctly feel that citizen media is something they want to be involved in, grab it and turn it into MSM.

Case in point. Can anyone tell me what this paragraph means?

Banking on a significant new business opportunity, Akamai Technologies has rolled out a podcasting platform and business model support infrastructure for podcasting. Tim Napoleon, media and entertainment product line director at Akamai, discusses the solution, and rationale for delivering it to market now, in a sponsored BriefingsDirect podcast, moderated by Interarbor Solution's Dana Gardner. While some surveys find that a modest slice of the population is actively listening to podcasts, Akamai's research shows that media companies are moving increasing amounts of audio -- and soon full multi-media -- content to the podcast delivery model. Akamai has tailored its applications and media delivery network to support the requirements of guaranteed massive podcast availability...

Plain language, people. This paragraph is an example of textbook marketing and legal gibberish.

When you want to talk to 'the people' then talk to them. Don't spew us with sanitized marketing crap. That's going to drive listeners away from you in droves and very clearly label you as 'not getting it'.

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