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My Three-Legged Dog
Podvertising spots should be worth more than MSM (main stream media) spots. You know why?

My three-legged dog sweater business.

If I make sweaters for three-legged dogs, where in MSM am I going to advertise those sweaters? A dog magazine with 300,000 subscribers of which perhaps .01% have a three-legged dog? The newspaper pet section that was 100,000 readers, but only a small percentage of them even have a dog?

How about the three-legged dog podcast? It may only have 200 listeners, but you can bet that each one of them has some sort of vested interest in three-legged dogs or they wouldn't be listening to the show. Hitting those interested potential customers with such precision is worth something. Actually, it's worth a lot. A lot more than non-targetted MSM spots.

That's the real power of podcasting and podvertising, not the generic web-hosting ads on the broad-spectrum technology shows. There's too many of those shows and they fail to hit the niche that podcasting is destined for.

Podcast numbers aren't about quantity, they're about quality.

Sadly, MSM tactics are being used to fuel podvertising and services like Fruitcast and Kiptronic make their money off representing the broadest market which is precisely the market that is covered off nicely already by MSM. Podcasters are being encouraged to enter into head-to-head competition with MSM and sadly, podcasting will lose that fight.

If you're a podcaster, leave the gadgets alone and go after the three-legged dog. That's where the true money and influence will be.

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