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May 9
Podcast Transcription.

One of the more arduous tasks of podcasting is creating the show notes that go with each show. Without text show notes, there's very little chance that search engines are going to be able to point people to your shows even if they're specifically looking for the topics you spoke about.

There are a few podcast search engines out there, but they have a long way to go and, let's face it , you want your show to turn up in Google along with all the other web content on the planet. Not some obscure podcast search engine.


Show notes are a poor second cousin to a proper show transcript, but who has the time or inclination to make transcripts of their own shows? Certainly not I.

Enter CastingWords. Upload your show or point CastingWords to a url or feed, and it makes the notes for you. It's not cheap, but it's pretty much hands off. My shows are 40 minutes or longer so I'm not going to give it a test run at 42 cents a minute, but I'd love to hear how it works for those who have tried it.

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» CastingWords Put to the Test from BizPodcasting
I recently wrote about CastingWords which is Nathan McFarland's podcast transcription service. Jon Udell recently put CastingWords to the test when he used it to transcribe McFarland's own podcast and then edited the transcript. The transcript weighed ... [Read More]

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