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Snake Oil Crossing.

I don't make any secret of how I feel about the so-called podcasting production suites, or podcast-ready microphones. They're all snake-oil. All of them.

We're somewhere around our 60th show and I think we may have spent $100 in total so far and the bulk of that was on three $30 headsets.

There's no shortage of companies out there that will try to sell podcasters $200 microphones and $100 audio suites. It's all crap, ladies and gentlemen. You can create decent sounding podcasts with the gear you've got sitting in front of you right now.


The latest edition in the Snake Oil list (I should start an actual list of these rip-off artists), is Podcast Factory. Bryan Hoff from InformIT has graciously decided to tell us how we can get up and running with Podcast Factory for under $200.

Snake Oil.

Send me an email and I'll tell you how to get up and running for nothing.

It's funny, you know. Whenever I run across these guys their bios never shows any podcasting experience.

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» Buying an information product on podcasting? from Podonomics
I was so inspired by Jon Watson's post on snake oil podcasting products that I wrote an article on the 3 things you can use to judge a podcasting expert by before buying their product or service. [Read More]

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