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May 7
Podcasting in Education

I think that we can all intellectually understand that podcasting may be a good medium to use for educating people, but sometimes the actual details can be hard to nail down.

Darwin Diebel (another Canuck wOOt!) has put together a thoughtful blog entry on this topic that incorporates the ideas of several other educators and bloggers on the subject.

One way that educators can use Podcasting is by simply recording what they have said during a specific lesson and allow this to be downloaded for people to hear. This would work best, for example, in the age group that I teach, Intermediate, for review classes.

Darwin talks about the ideas of Steve Solan, Darcy Normam (another Calgarian, wOOt!), and others as he fleshed out some ideas on educational podcasting.

It's an interesting read and since we all know that education is a very profitable business these days, the idea of using podcasts in education will only grow.

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