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May 7
Business Uses for Podcasts

I wish people would put their real names on the blogs. Honestly - I got this information from a blog called Mastermaq and while I think the information is good, it kind of kills the credibility when I have to say 'Master Maq says".

I checked out his contact page and looked around a bit, but there's nothing obvious. Even his blog posts don't have a 'posted by' link. Note to the wise - make sure your blog/podcast site has some contact info on it.

Anyhow, Mr. Mastermaq has some points on what businesses can use podcasts for:

...podcasting has business applications ranging from audio and video press releases, to offering tips and tricks on using the company's products, to internally podcasting company news for employees.

The rest of the article is too hyped for me to, but the points above are valid. There are so many things that businesses can be using podcasts for.

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Hey, thanks for the link. My name is on the footer of every page, but I guess I should make it more explicit.

Trying this again, because the above comment didn't keep my information!

Well, damn. So it is. How could I have missed that?

My bad...


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