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May 8
Using Podcasts to Demonstrate

Granted, this type of thing is only going to work with audio stuff, but using podcasts to demonstrate something is really powerful.

A prime candidate for this type of demonstration is VoIP. While many podcasters use VoIP solutions such as Skype or Gizmo as a low cost way to record telephone interviews, the actual call quality isn't usually the subject of the show.

Ken Camp over at Digital Common Sense recently did a podcast on VoIP using...yup....VoIP.

Home VoIP (think Vonage and Primus for starters) is really a hype magnet. We've been using Vonage VoIP at our house for about 6 months now and while it's totally usable, it's light years away from the PSTN. There are clicks and echoes and burps all the time when we make calls. Calls sometimes don't complete, my message indicator light doesn't work consistently, and the delays that my callers experience between the last ring and my voicemail picking up can be as long as 30 seconds.Vonage won't tell you all this however, but conducting a podcasting from pretty much start to finish using a VoIP line will provide an undeniable picture of call quality.

Excellent idea.

Tags: voip, podcasting, podcasts

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