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Broadcast Your Podcast
It would be nice to bridge that gap between podcasting and radio, wouldn't it? Sure, Sirius radio and KYOU in San Francisco are doing it, but what if you could do it yourself?

I don't know if this is a hoax or not, but apparently Broadcast Your Podcast (BYP) is giving away FM transmitters to do just that.

BYP is an idea and a technology. The idea is to allow people to hear podcasts without the need for expensive equipment or fast internet connections. The technology is the BYP transmitter.

Maybe I'm just incredulous because here in North America you can't just fire up an FM transmitter that has any significant range without a license.

Regardless, I sent a request in. If this thing is for real I want to try it out.

I'm thinking, of course, of local areas like business complexes and school campuses. Local podcasts, if you will, that are broadcast in a relatively small area much like the little FM transmitters available for MP3 players these days.

Interesting concept. I'll keep you posted when the CRTC comes knocking at my door.

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