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Canadian Podcasting Survey Underway
Wow, someone is actually paying attention to the 30-million of us shivering up here above the American border. It seems that two Toronto-based marketing firms have joined forces and put an online survey together to get a grip on podcasting in Canada.

I'm always interested in the results of this type of survey on podcasting, but not because I put a lot of stock in the results. I'm more interested in how each survey's results stack up again other survey's results. The problem with trying to track something like podcasting is that it's too fluid.

For example, when counting podcasts, how should we determine when a podcast is 'dead' as in - the podcaster has abandoned it and isn't likely to produce any more shows? From a listenership perspective, at what point do we call someone a 'listener'? Do they have to listen to a podcast daily? Weekly? Once a month?

The trouble is not only that the podcast shows themselves are fluid and unpredictable in nature, but so is listenership.

in any event, as this is the first Canadian-centric survey that I'm aware of, I'll be watching the results closely. Oh, and yes I took it and it takes about 3 minutes to complete. When you take it, be sure to put The JaK Attack! podcast in the list of shows you listen to. You do listen to my Jak Attack! podcast, right?

Via Podonomics

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