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Oct 8
What's Your iTunes Numbers?
Scott Bourne talks today about iTunes being the 800 pound gorilla in the podcatching space:

...every legitimate survey and report I’ve studied shows that iTunes has 70 percent or more of the podcast directory market.

Given that a podcast can exist in multiple directories, I don't know what the "podcast directory market" means, but I do know that my feed stats report 22% of my listeners use iTunes for Mac and Windows combined. Granted, my show is heavily Linux based which is undoubtably influencing the numbers, but is anyone seeing 70% or better iTunes numbers?

The reason I ask is because every credible survey I've seen shows a pretty consistent 50/50 mix audience members using a podcatcher and direct downloading. If only 50% of listeners are using a podcatcher to begin with, how can 70% of them be using iTunes?

Or perhaps there's no correlation between the "podcast directory market" and podcatcher use? I'll admit I'm unclear if there's a relationship here. Perhaps I've just crafted a logic bomb...

What I would like to see, though, is real stats from real podcasters. I'd appreciate it if you podcasters would take a quick look at your feed stats and post your iTunes percentage here. Humour me :)

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I see about an 80/20 mix of iTunes versus podcatching software, with the 80% being users of iTunes.

I looked at one of my shows. itunes is not even showing in my feedburner stats. 33% other, 24% not identified, the rest split between juice, ipodder, bloglines and news gator. Feedburner reports 54 listeners (about half of my download numbers) I am not sure why itunes is not showing in the stats, I know of a least 10 people who sub through itunes.

@Rob: Sounds like you're right in the space that Scott is talking about.

@Darly: Hmmm..that is weir. I seem to recall that you have to turn something on in your FB acount in order to see podcatchers, but if you're showing Juice, iPodder, etc then you must already have that turned on. That throws another wrench into the works, though. If you know that you have iTunes subscribers but they're not showing up in your stats, that makes the waters even murkier.

I looked at my stats again today and I'm up to 25% iTunes Windows/Mac subscribers. "Other readers" compose 45% of my subscribers which I'm sure represents a bunch of bash scripts and other Linux catchers.

funny thing is about two months ago my subscribers dropped by half. (if you've heard my show you'd know why I thought this was normal) I now wonder if itunes subscribers are not show at all.

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