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May 5
PodHive: Podcasting Wiki

One of the newer entries into the podcast sidelines is PodHive. PodHive is a collaborative wiki which containing information on podcast hardware, software, hosts, and other podcast-related services and tools.

For the uninitiated, a wiki is a a website that is (generally) editable by the general public. Wikipedia is likely the most well-known example of a public wiki. The idea is that everyone who wants to contribute can, and the community will self-police out the imbeciles who just come by to make trouble.

It's been my experience that wikis don't work. Either the idea is only attractive to a select few who bother to contribute and it becomes basically a team blog, or it degrades into total anarchy and the owners shut it down.

Hopefully things will be different for PodHive because it's a great idea. Do your part, go help them out.

Tags: podhive, podcast resources

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Jon, great resource. I'm looking to start a wiki on corporate blogging soon and I think this podcasting wiki holds a lot of promise and exemplifies the concept I want to use.

I hear what you're saying about the failure rate of a lot of wikis, but overall I think if they manage it right they'll be able to make it an awesome resource.

Stuff like this can really be helpful, agreed. I've just found that wikis have...well...problems :)

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