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The State of British Podcasting

I stole the title from Neville Hobson who penned an entry of the same title on his blog.

I mentioned in one entry earlier that every podcaster I talk to seems to be either Australian or British and Neville sheds some light on why that is.

I hadn't though of this before, but main stream media (MSM) is much more into podcasting in the UK and in North America.

Both Dean and Neil were unanimous in their view that podcasting in the UK is currently dominated by mainstream media such as the BBC (50 podcasts, says Hugh) and The Daily Telegraph.

Good point. Outside of the CBC, MSM isn't doing a whole lot with podcasting over here, but Hobson also points out that the UK podcasting industry is almost bereft of businesses creating the media.

Neville also brings up a point that rings true to me. The image of podcasters, in the UK anyhow, may be more "Anoraks and Beards" than anything professional which may be driving away the business professionals. That rings true to me because the Linux world just went through a round of the same accusations from big business.

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This is interesting to me as an American with the limited perspective I have on the new media. It's important to remember that different countries are at different stages of development in terms of their adoption rate of things like blogging and podcasting. Good to know this! Thanks, Jon!

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